NissanConnectSM Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System

With the Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, voice-recognition allows you to make and receive calls even when your compatible cell phone is buried in a bag, or in the trunk. No headset, no reaching—just a nice firm grip on the steering wheel. [*]

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
Accepting a call is as simple as hitting a button on your steering wheel. The system even mutes your music automatically. Hang up, and you've got your audio back.

Voice Commands
Thanks to a built-in microphone and Nissan's voice-recognition technology, you can operate Bluetooth® with simple voice commands. For example, to dial out, say "Call"—along with the name of one of your phone book contacts—or "Dial Number", followed by your contact's digits.

Ring Tones
Choose between a variety of ring tones for your vehicle's Bluetooth® phone system.

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