NissanConnectSM Facebook

Launch the Facebook app and suddenly your Nissan's got room for 200+ of your closest friends. Follow your news feed to find out what everyone's up to, check in with your network when you get to your destination—and of course, don't forget to update your status.

News Feed
Your news feed, along with the names of your friends, will appear on your NissanConnectSM display screen. Select a specific post, and your car will even read it out loud.

Status Updates
Want to update your wall? Just park your vehicle, and you'll be able to type a message using the touch-screen display. However, while driving, you can only post pre-set messages.

The Facebook app notifies you when you receive a personal message, and can even read it out loud if you’d like.

Nearby Friends
Your car's Facebook app tells you where your friends are, and lets you set their location as your navigation system's destination.

When you've set a location as your destination, the app can automatically check you in when you arrive.

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