Get Connected

Advanced tech is no longer a 'nice-to-have', it’s a must. Follow the steps below to get set up with NissanConnectSM.

Choose your Vehicle & System

1. Choose your
Vehicle & System

NissanConnectSM is available on most vehicles, though you may have to pick a specific model, and/or add a technology package. There are a few different infotainment systems; your selection will depend on the vehicle you chose.

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Choose your Vehicle & System

2. Download the App

From the Apple or Google Play stores, download the NissanConnectSM app to your smartphone and open it to create an account. If you already have a Nissan Owner Portal Account, just login.

Choose your Vehicle & System

3. Connect & Enjoy

Once you're logged in, connect to your Nissan through Bluetooth® or the USB port.[*] (You’ll find helpful instructions—including a simulator, Quick Start Guide, and a number of videos—on our How To page.) Select which apps you want from the list of supported apps, and NissanConnectSM automatically installs them. Now, your car's connected.

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