Nick McMillen

Nick McMillen - 2013 Nissan PlayStation GT Academy US Winner

Nick McMillen

From the dirt track to the 24 Hours of Dubai

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Nick McMillen Biography

  • Nick McMillen: The Beginning

    The Beginning

    Oregon native Nick McMillen inherited the racing bug early on. Born into a family of racers, he started motocrossing when he was just five years old. Nick’s dad tried to get him into karting, but at the time, he preferred bikes. In his early teens, his attention turned to cars.

    With a grandmother who worked for Sony, Nick had easy access to all the latest video games. He spent countless hours playing Gran Turismo. In 2012—amongst hundreds of thousands of Gran Turismo online players—he participated in the U.S. GT Academy competition; he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

    Determined, Nick entered again in 2013. When he made the finals, he quit his day job as a car salesman in order to get to New York and follow his dream of becoming a professional driver.

    This time, he would be the last man standing—or sitting, as the case may be.

  • Nick McMillen: Career


    After beating out his three remaining opponents with a dramatic final lap pass at Silverstone—earning the coveted red helmet—Nick immediately moved on to Nissan’s Driver Development program. During this intensive physical and psychological training, he learned racing physics and mechanics, spent time in a simulator, and earned his International Endurance license.

    In January 2014, less than five months after being crowned GT Academy champion, Nick made his professional racing debut at the 24 Hours of Dubai.

    He took to the track along with the three newest international GT Academy winners and seasoned driver Lucas Ordonez. The team was victorious, taking a commanding lead in the middle of the night and holding it to the finish line. "I could get used to standing on top of the podium!" wrote McMillen on his Facebook fan page.

  • Nick McMillen: Highlights


    2014 — 1st Place team finish in SP2 Class at 24 Hours of Dubai

    2013 — Nissan Playstation GT Academy US Winner