Now you can.

CARWINGS®. This is the new way of doing things.*

CARWINGS® is an innovative new system that lets Nissan LEAF® owners communicate remotely with their car. Drivers can check the charging status of the battery, get reminders, set timers, start charging, turn on the air conditioning, find local charging stations and much more. And the best part is you don’t have to be in (or even near) the vehicle to do it – it all works through your web-based mobile phone or computer.

*CARWINGS® requires compatible 2G GSM/GPRS cellular network provided by AT&T. 2G cellular network not available in all areas and/or available at all times. Cellular technology is evolving, and changes to cellular networks provided by independent companies are not within Nissan’s control. AT&T has announced that on December 31, 2016, AT&T will terminate 2G network availability. Like other devices that rely on 2G network coverage, once the 2G network is terminated, CARWINGS will not function unless equipment replacements, upgrades, or alternative 2G network coverage are available at that time, which Nissan cannot guarantee. Nissan not responsible for associated costs that may be required for continued CARWINGS operation due to cellular network termination (including equipment upgrades, if available, or roaming charges on alternative networks). Certain remote functions require compatible smartphone, not included with vehicle. CARWINGS subscription service requires owner consent to activate and may require purchase. See dealer for details. Standard text rates and/or data usage may apply to CARWINGS communications received by email or SMS/text message. Terms and conditions of Subscription Agreement apply.

Remotely check charge status and reminders

It’s something you’ll want to keep on top of. Check your estimated range and battery charge status from your phone or computer, and if you forgot to plug it in, or the vehicle becomes unplugged, CARWINGS® will remind you with an automatic text message.

Automatic charge status notifications on your phone

Electricity supplies the Nissan LEAF® with power, while CARWINGS® supplies the owner with confidence. The system automatically notifies you when your charge has been interrupted for any reason, including blackouts. It’ll also notify you the moment your charge is complete. With CARWINGS®, you always know that your Nissan LEAF® is up for your next journey.

Control the climate systems remotely

Here’s the scenario: it’s a sweltering August day and you know you’ll be getting in the car in 15 minutes. Use your smartphone or computer to remotely turn on the air conditioning and voila, you’ll be entering a nice cool car. The system also works to remotely turn on the heater.

A second benefit of this feature is that it saves valuable battery power. By remotely starting the climate systems, you can cool or heat your Nissan LEAF® while it is still plugged in, meaning you don’t need to use the extra battery power when travelling.

It isn’t something we decided to do yesterday, or last week. It isn’t a new initiative, or a flashy new marketing idea. what Nissan is.

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Nissan Innovation - Reinventing the way you drive Nissan Innovation - Reinventing the way you drive