Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF 4.6 5 153 153
It's fun to drive and I love the attention I get driving it. Although waiting to receive the Leaf (from the time ordered to the time delivered) was frustrating, once it arrived it was all forgotten. I love my Leaf. It's cool. It's fun. It's smart. It's interesting. It's stylish. I feel good that I'm both helping the environment AND saving myself money. February 27, 2012
its definately quieter than any car previously owned. it is fun, peppy, and comfortable! I get asked about performance, range of driving and maintenance. I love not having to stop at gas stations and worry about fluctuating prices of gasoline. I enjoy being adverturous and discovering places to recharge. February 27, 2012
smooth and quiet Range is not as far as advertised (100 miles)....it is closer to 80. February 27, 2012
great little car Not quite sure what this means, but this is my first car to have a name....."Sally" and I go everywhere together. My only complaint is the weak cabin heater, so I had heated seats installed. Nissan should make them standard, as they keep one comfy using very little battery. February 27, 2012
If it could go 300 miles on a charge it would be my only car!! My Leaf has met or exceeded my expectations in every way. Since taking delivery in July, I have put over 9,500 miles on my Leaf with no issues or problems. The car is pleasure to drive and makes my ICE car seem like antiquated technolgy on the rare occasions that I need to drive over 80 miles, or the weather requires the use of my AWD vehicle. The Leaf makes me wish that battery technology would support this being my only car, but until such time as a practical BEV exists that will travel 300 miles on a charge I will be glad that the Leaf can be used for over 95% of my driving needs. February 27, 2012
Feels good to have no exhaust pipe In general I like my Leaf. I drive it to and from work primarily during the week. I tend to choose it over my gas engine car in the weekends as well provided I have enough charge for the range. I try not to plan for charging along the way so my trips are usually within 80 miles round trip. I use it mostly in ECO mode to get the best battery life. Occasionally I turn the regular drive mode on in case I need to make a quick pass or need to speed uphill. Interior is surprisingly roomy. I was thinking I would feel a bit claustrophobic when I first got it but no. I am quite tall (6"3") and there's a good 6" to the roof of the car from the top of my head. I even hauled some load on two occasions with the rear seats folded down. I like the amount of instrumentation that came standard with the car. The heating/cooling system is a bit of a joke though. I don't run the A/C in the summer to save battery. I tried the heater a couple of times when it got chilly but all I got was cold to warm air. I can't imagine relying on it in cold weather. Lucky for me I live in San Diego. One other thing I don't like about it is brake regulation. On occasion tapping the brakes causes a sudden jerk as if you floored the pedal. This tends to happen at slow speeds and full battery. The best part of driving my Leaf is the fact that I don't know about gas prices in general. I only end up filling my other car once a month. February 27, 2012
awesome car do exactly as i need, just daily commute to work. so far, about 7500 miles gas free! February 27, 2012
The best car I ever bought. Quiet, luxus,energy saver I have to tell you all that the Leaf is the next step of transportation. I am very happy that Nissan developed a car with all needed values. February 27, 2012
Range does not meet expectations I was hoping for an all around range of around 100 miles per charge and found that this was only achieved with city driving and without hills. Freeway driving and hills are a recipe for quick discharge and disappointing results. I purchased this car as a commuter which meets that expectation well. However, this car is also used for client calls and other errands which can quickly reach the 75-100 mile mark in a day. For purchasers who want an all around car, plan on 75 miles per charge as a safe rule, especially in a hilly place like Seattle. If you have a place to plugin at work, then this won't be as big a problem. February 27, 2012
Quiet and Comfortable, but room to improve While this is a quiet, comfortable and responsive car, there is considerable room for improvement: 1) The "miles remaining" estimate is extremely poor and erratic and varies far too much with minor changes in driving conditions. A simple, accurate state of charge display would be much more useful. 2) The transition from regenerative to standard braking is not smooth and the brakes at low speed are grabby. 3) The vehicle needs an option to have full solar panels covering the roof. For those who park all day in the sun, this would considerably extend driving distance, save money, and in some cases eliminate the need for mid-day charging. 4) The high beam headlights and horn are weak and need to be improved. All lights should be LED for efficiency. 5) The trickle charger should accept both 120 and 208/240 volt, just as any modern laptop charger does. 6) Choices should be available for interior fabric and color. February 27, 2012
Great Town Car I am generally very happy with the Nissan Leaf. In everyday driving around town it is great. Handles real well. Plenty of power. Comfortable to drive. Never had a single problem with the car. I highly recommend the vehicle provided its range limitations fit your lifestyle. I do wish that it had more range, or if the 100 mile range was a "real" range based on using climate controls (heater/air) and freeway driving. I live in a suburb of Sacramento and i have enough charge to get to the downtown and get home. But, I cannot get lost or roam around a lot downtown or I will not have enough charge. The good news is that charging stations seem to be popping up everywhere and that is awesome. If I am able to charge for an hour reliably at my destination, then I am golden. Mind you, the range is only an issue maybe 10% of the time. The other 90% of the time it is not a problem at all. I don't even charge the car fully at night; I have it set to 80% charge on the weekdays and 100% charge on the weekends. February 27, 2012
A Dream that came true! With solar PV, the Leaf finally allowed me and many others to use solar energy to power my transportation and live a guilt-free green life. Other benefits include savings from gas and maintenance costs, fun to drive, and commute time saved through the CA carpool lane perk. February 27, 2012
Great car for first gen Very happy with the Leaf so far. Does everything I ask it to. Range drops in colder weather but the savings in fuel are outstanding. I drive by gas stations laughing. Nissan set the bar high for BEVs. Would be harder to swallow without tax credits. Fun to drive. February 27, 2012
It's a great car and I love not buying gas for it! Love everything about this car. There are only two things I'd change about it. It needs a bigger windshield shade--longer and wider and it needs more cup holders. Everything else is perfect. My husband and I just love it. February 27, 2012
Great car but range is an issue The Leaf is a very enjoyable and easy car to drive and is perfect for running errands around town or short to moderate commutes. However, the limited range makes it tough to use as primary transportation. With that said, I highly recommend the Leaf if it fits with your needs and circumstances. February 27, 2012
review Great car. Quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. Surprisingly large interior space. Mileage not as much as expected. Nissan should do a better job of explaining that the Leaf will not get the 75 miles given certain veriables such as hills. I would however purchase the car again given what I know. February 27, 2012
misc need dark colored interior night light for charging port spare tire February 27, 2012
Great, but just needs a few tweaks. Just wanted to give you all feedback--please don't post. Car is great--except, needs double the freeway range, i.e. ~150 miles, to really be able to relax and use comfortably in LA. Please upgrade the batteries. At 65 mph, I only get ~75 miles, and, even less, if you consider that we don't want to drive in the "red bars". Love the power, the stability, the solidity, the handling, the interior room. Seats are comfy. More colors in and out, please. Technology is good, but needs a rain-sensor wiper setting to control speed, and the Sirius XM radio needs to scroll the info rather than cut off songs and artists' names. Don't have the defogger turn on the AC automatically, they should be separate. The computer estimate of range is quite off at freeway speeds--55-70. Also, the red bar range is hinky--on surface streets it doesn't go down logically, even though it's steady, easy driving in ECO mode. Please allow us to upgrade our batteries rather than having to buy a new car when an upgrade is available. February 27, 2012
It's even better than we expected. The roominess, style, and interior appearance are all even better than we remembered from our test drive. It's a very comfortable ride, and it's great to skip the gas lines. February 27, 2012
Well thought out car! I bought the Leaf because it is an EV and I wanted an all electric vehicle. What surprised me is how good the Leaf is outside of the fact that it is a battery car. The dashboard is laid out very logically and the instruments are easy to read and understand. The navigation system is very easy to use as are the audio and climate control systems. Because it's electric, the car is a dream to drive - it is smooth, vibration-free, and quiet. The other surprise to me was how much fun the Leaf is to drive - it accelerates effortlessly and even has decent cornering capability while the ride is refined and well controlled. Inside the car is roomy, bright, and pleasant. This car is a keeper! February 27, 2012
Best Car I Have Ever Owned! Love this car! Wish I had the option to have the heated seats and steering. It has been very cold in the NW this year and heating the car has been depleting the battery a lot more then the A/C does in the summer. February 27, 2012
Enjoy the gasoline-free ride I enjoy the car and its convenience. I use it daily and recommend it highly as a commuter vehicle. I call it the perfect geezer car. I never take my ICE unless I have to go more than 40 miles in one direction. Right now, we do not enjoy in the LA area enough charging locales to be sure that you can recharge if you cannot return home. The car is fast, responsive, cheap to keep and does everything I expected it to do after researching it. It is comfortable and has some cool technology, including bluetooth phone and music interface. Now, if I could just get rid of those three embedded Sirius stations on the steering-wheel toggle switch. I enjoy and look forward to getting in and driving it every day. I could not say that always in the past with previous vehicles. The HOV-lane privilege adds to that enjoyment. February 27, 2012
It's a lot of fun tor drive. There are many little things I would like to see different, but it is a great vehicle to drive. Obviously it is quiet, but it also handles quite well and has very good acceleration. The braking is very smooth. It is very hard to tell when the friction braking starts. It is hard to avoid being concerned about the range, but it gives you good guidelines to drive efficiently and how many miles are left. February 27, 2012
Overall great car This has been the best car I have ever had. I put solar on the house at the same time, so no gas bills and as environmentally friendly as a car driver can get I hope. It is well thought out and I have been more than happy with it. February 27, 2012
Amazing Acceleration Absolutely love driving my LEAF! The comfort, quietness and technological innovation are marvelous... and there's no tail pipe! February 25, 2012
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Nissan LEAF 4.6 5 153 153
A peaceful drive experience Overall, I love my Leaf. I like how quiet it is, and that I can play my phone's music over the bluetooth connection, or plug in a little thumb drive and play the music from that without worrying that an mp3 player left in the car will get stolen. The thing that I find the least helpful to me is the range estimate. I would prefer that it read more like a gas powered car, just because it is so familiar. Even saying it gets 99mpg helps us to understand it's efficiency, though it doesn't use gas. Likewise, I start the day with say, 100 miles left on an 80% charge. A few miles into my commute, it drops by 10 or more miles down to 90 or less. Instead, if it would just list the miles driven since the last charge, like resetting the trip meter, so you can see how many miles you get per "bar" or something. 4 miles per kWh is nice to know in the abstract but how does that relate to the remaining charge? I would feel more comfortable knowing that I get 8 miles per bar, when I have 10 bars left I should reasonably expect 80 miles. Ironically, I drive in Eco mode, but the regular drive mode tends to be the more realistic range indicator. March 3, 2012
White Leaf Awesome car. Very fast when you take it off the ECO mode. I would say it is initially faster than the M3 or S5. We charge mainly at work, so very limited charging at home. It does what it's supposed to do. I wish we have the option for more battery. 100 miles range is barely making it. Over time though, the range anxiety goes away. We have not used our back up car for awhile now. March 3, 2012
Fun to drive and ZERO emissions! After 8 months, we absolutely love our LEAF; it is quick, quiet and just plain fun to drive! It feels great to be contributing to such an important shift in the way America and the world drives. We notice ourselves thinking differently about "fuel" economy; choosing different routes based on terrain and required acceleration. We are very happy to not be concerned about where the least expensive gasoline is sold, (this was pretty constant before getting our LEAF.) Driving is just different enough an experience from gas burning models to be fun, interesting and even exciting. Having instant torque available is great! We like being able to choose between ECO mode with less aggressive acceleration, and full power for merging onto freeways, etc. We have heard that some people don't care for the "engine noise" which sounds a bit like a jet whine, but we kind of like it. ;) It is exciting to learn all the hi-tec features of the car, and we have enjoyed talking to friends, family and many strangers about our car, and electric vehicles in general; we have had very positive experiences. The range does vary quite a bit with outside temperature, use of the interior climate control and terrain. Seattle is very "hilly" and driving the freeway eats a charge up pretty quickly. We did not expect to use the car for more than short distances, so this has not been a problem for us. The one interior feature that really bothers us is the head rests; they are set way too far forward for shorter people, and the angle forces our heads forward which produces neck and head pain. We have chosen to flip the headrests to a backward position which is not ideal, but the alternative does not work. Driving a LEAF, and being a part of the first generation of this innovative automotive revolution is extremely satisfying for us. We recommend it for any one who cares about the future of our planet, and for now, who drives less than 80 or so miles per day. Thanks for taking such a huge risk Nissan! March 2, 2012
Proud Owner First of all, I am happy to drive a Environmental friendly car . The car was well thought and built close to perfection, A job well done. There are few deficiencies which are very common in any new product release, Just to point out charger would have been 6.6 Kw vs 3.3 Kw currently we have. But in all I am a Happy customer who is enjoying every day drive in a silent and quiet car ... Thank you NISSAN -Sreekanth March 2, 2012
Love the ride, excellent technology, good value, few gripes My wife and I have used our Leaf for virtually all of our local travel within a 30-mile radius of home year-round, and within a 40-mile radius during the summer months. We have also used it for some trips up to 85 miles one way, as charging stations have become more available. The only gripes I have are 1) the lack of a precise energy gauge instead of the approximation shown by the analog gauge; and 2) the lack of a larger capacity charger in the vehicle to shorten the charging time. I also wish the battery had the capacity to take the car about 25% farther, so we could use our Leaf for about 40% more of our routine trips. Hopefully more charging stations will help address this limitation. In developing the all-electric Leaf, I think Nissan has made a bold move towards providing a viable alternative to fossil-fuel-powered auto transportation. They deserve a lot of credit for producing an excellent family EV at a fairly affordable price. It's wonderfully quiet, fun to drive, and very well built. March 1, 2012
I love how quiet and economical it is to drive! The LEAF is fun to drive and it's quietness has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. The acceleration in D is thrilling although I rarely drive the vehicle out of Economical mode. We have solar panels so we feel that we drive the LEAF for free, thus making it the most economical vehicle to operate I've ever owned. March 1, 2012
It's all about technology It's like driving a computer. The technology of the LEAF out performs all competition and has the backup and support of our local Nissan dealer who is completely responsive to all our questions and needs. With our charging station hooked into solar panels this Electric Vechicle costs pennies per mile to drive. (Many of our neighbors don't understand the savings until I explain to them we have never driven it into a gas station.) This is our third EV and we have found all the LEAFS amenities are superb and make it not only fun but a luxuary to drive. It is comfortable and handles responsively. Its range covers all our driving needs. We come home, plug it in and it charges itself at the lower electrical rates while we sleep. March 1, 2012
Ecological and Economic Dream We bought this car to fulfill our goals of reducing our carbon footprint. Along with the car we installed a 2.7 kWH photovoltaic system. As a result we have reduced both environmental emissions, as well as stress on our monthly budget. The cost for driving our Leaf 700+ miles a month is about 10 dollars. We have substantially reduced driving in our gas car (now dubbed the vacation car). Of course both of these purchases required substantial up front costs, but we have calculated that they will pay themselves off in 3 (car) to 8 (PV system) years. Additional bonuses: well made car, which is reliable with exceedingly low maintenance. This is the future of driving. And our dream fulfilled. March 1, 2012
Great car and very good electric car The car is very reliable, quick and fun to drive. I only wish there were more charging stations and the battery could go 200 mile vs the 70 mile max i can get. March 1, 2012
Climate control, the one achiles heel The Leaf offers drivers relief from "pump anxiety". It's quite possibly the most fuel efficient and economical vehicle on the road. We've put 12,000 miles on the Leaf for under $300 in electricity! the one issue that needs work is the climate control. we owned a 2011 Leaf and got so frustrated with how much trying to stay warm ate up the range that we traded up to a 2012 with the cold whether package. the heated seats and heated steering wheel go a long way to making up for a poorly designed climate control system. the climate control system is too automated. you are left fighting between wanting air circulation and conserving energy by not running the heater. there is no way to run the circulating fan without turning on the heater when the cabin is below 60 degrees. A simple "max cold" option on the temp control would allow this. A good preheat of the cabin while plugged in combined with the heated seats and steering wheel make it possible to go virtually without using climate control at all, but it's tedious to not be able to use the fan more and have more control as to how much outside air circulates in. In the summer time you want a lot of outside air coming in to stay cool, in the winter time you want the minimum amount of outside air coming in that is necessary to keep the windows from fogging while loosing the least amount of heat. to deal with fogging, you are left with having to leave the mode set to foot defog, as there is no defrost only without using power defrost. by having to use foot defog to avoid having the climate control, one's feet get quite cold in cold whether. the climate control needs an overhaul and instead of trying so hard to be automatic, it really should give ultimate control to the driver who, at times is faced with having to conserve energy to get home on the remaining battery charge. March 1, 2012
Exceeded my expectations I have driven my LEAF 10,000 miles in 10 months and I have to say the car has exceeded my expectations. It is amazingly quiet on the road. The car feels like a more expensive car with quiet cabin and muffled noise over bumps. The technology inside makes your head spin. It is spacious for 5 people and a nice large trunk. My only wish is that the range was more. I regularly get 80-100 miles of range a day. March 1, 2012
This car is the envy of all my friends! I love to drive in my LEAF. It is quiet, sleek, with great pickup and the technology is top notch. I love being on the cutting edge. Electric cars have finally arrived and the LEAF has set the standard high! I haven't been to a gas station in 7 months! March 1, 2012
The best..no more ice for me! I Love the car..would like to see more on the road and more efforts to produce and bring the price down. I admit I don't use a lot of the tech that the car offers. The heater / climate control leave something to be desired, but i have figured out how to get heat when i want it so not so much a problem. With no ICE to help produce heat ..I imagine this posed a problem. Hope to be driving this car for years to come! It is a blast to drive and just perfect in size for my needs. February 29, 2012
This car makes me feel good when I drive it I first saw the car in the ad where Lance Armstrong was biking behind various vehicles and, as a bicyclist myself, it inspired me to investigate. I was expecting a small, lightweight, under-powered car but the Leaf is none of these. It is large enough for me and passengers. I can put my bicycle and gear in the back. And my dogs. It is a sturdy car and, even in the ECO drive mode, it has plenty of acceleration. I love the on board displays--very high tech and user friendly. I love it that I can put the charger on a timer so the car charges at night when the electricity rates are low. My electric company gives me a lower rate because I charge the car at home. I'm saving a ton of money not buying gas. And best of all, I love driving this car knowing that this is something that I can do to lower our reliance on petroleum and reduce harmful emissions. So many people have stopped me to ask about the car that I've developed a sales pitch. I think you can guess that--I'm Very Happy with my Leaf! OK--one negative thing--the driver side windshield frame is quite wide and sometimes obstructs my view of cars and people to my left. This is not unique to the Leaf and I understand that it makes the car safer in a crash. But I do have to be alert to this blind spot. February 29, 2012
Please Disable the Telematics Request!!! Every time that I power on my LEAF, the touch screen displays a legal disclaimer about the Nissan Telematics system, and how I need to accept or deny access to Nissan for sending my electric vehicle status. Why can't I just send to Nissan a one-time written disclaimer, and then turn off this annoying pop-up display. Nothing else will display on my NAV system until I either accept or deny this message, and I need to actually push the button. I don't want to have to push this button every time I start the car. Please figure out a way to disable this message in your LEAF software. Please turn off this message !! February 29, 2012
Low cost for driving, Low rang, noise, Oversize head-rest Nice a car to drive, quite and low cost for driving in terms of fuel Head-rests/supporters in rear seats are oversize and block to view rear info from rear window. High pitching noise when driving (from engine) Low range Data display not well February 29, 2012
Every family needs a Nissan LEAF I owe Nissan a debt of gratitude for producing such a quality electric vehicle. It has been developed with much forethought, creative engineering, and precision craftsmanship. The LEAF has such a quick, smooth, quiet acceleration that I often take a drive just for the FUN of it. It is truly that good. I literally drove my new LEAF home and plugged it in. It's that easy. I charge my car at night from a standard outlet in my garage. I use the money I previously spent on gasoline to make the car payments. My best friend liked my LEAF so much, he and his wife went out and bought one, too. We have sold my old gas car and we drive the LEAF as our primary vehicle. Around town I can easily get 100 miles of range, probably 125 if I wanted to, all on about $2 worth of inexpensive grid electricity. It is very inexpensive to drive. Besides that, the LEAF will never need an oil change, because there is no oil. There isn't even a transmission. No transmission fluid and no belts. No water pump. No radiator. No starter. No smog checks because there are no emissions. It doesn't need a muffler because it's already silent. The main LEAF components are the battery and a small electric motor with one moving part. There is very little here to break down or need repair, and so far, the LEAF has proven to be very reliable. The LEAF is roomy enough to comfortably fit 5 people and some luggage. Tip the back seats down, and you have a wagon that has tons of room for cargo or large sporting goods (like my 8 foot surfboard). I guess since there is no gas tank, there is more interior room for storage. It sure is bigger inside than it looks on the outside. I really like the distinctive look of the car. My LEAF is Brilliant Silver, with dark tinted windows. This style looks great with the hint of blue in the LED headlights and our blue Whale Tail personalized license plate. I have a lot of great ideas to customize my LEAF in the future. I hope that Nissan Motorsports will develop some cool accessories like those found on the NISMO LEAF. Please? Thanks guys! I think that every family should have a Nissan LEAF. It is the perfect car for the multitude of daily shopping trips, school-drop offs, doctor appointments, sports practice, yoga sessions, trips to the airport or downtown, you know...the stuff you do all day when you're racking up costly miles on the old SUV. So I figure that I have a car that is fun to drive, and it practically pays for itself. I highly recommend the Nissan LEAF. February 29, 2012
It is the most FUN car I have ever owned. My Leaf continues to be everything I hoped it would be,. It is reliable and has spunk. The battery life is not what I hoped it would be - especially when doing alot of freeway driving. The cold weather really dimishies the distance one can travel also. Strangers are always asking me questions about it. I have let many friends and acquaintances test drive my Leaf. I love it and would buy it all over again. February 29, 2012
The future is here now My car has lived up to the billing. It works; it is silent; it is fun to drive; and it is cool. I do not even pay attention to the price of gas anymore. When i saw that it jumped up again recently, I was shocked, and I felt bad for the people who have not yet gotten on board. If you drive less than 120 miles in a day, then there is no excuse not to get this car. Best value of any car I have ever had. February 29, 2012
I love the challenge of beating the kil per mi area average. Range needs to be increased to 150 miles. This would change the single purpose car to multi-purpose. I travel the L.A. freeways @ 55mph early in am. Traveling any other time & I would get run over. MPH needs to be 60 & not limit range. The Leaf is a fun car to drive, no polution & saves money. WHAT A DEAL! February 29, 2012
Uber quiet, comfortable and fun to drive. The Leaf is a joy to drive. It is so quiet and comfortable that those qualities almost give you the sense that is why it's so reliable. It is a great feeling to be in traffic and know there is zero emission happening from my car, I'm always wishing that those around me all had the same. February 29, 2012
Quiet, fast, and practical I love the EV life - no gas, very quiet, quick to 30mph and good to 70+. Conspicuously green. Carpool stickers. Fits 5. A 62cm (full size) bike with both wheels on fits inside easily with the seats down. Considerations: - Generic CA electricity is about $.15 per kWh or $.03-$.10 per mile. WIth PG&E's "E6B" electricity can be as cheap as $.03 per kWh after midnight. - California PG&E's power is 60%+ natural gas; a gas turbine achieves much higher efficiency than an ICE, and the carbon footprint of the fuel system is thus about 1/5th of an ICE. - If you restrict charging to midnight-5am, you are likely using power from baseline power generation that can't be shut down for a few hours, and would be wasted as heat if not consumed, so effectively your marginal CO2 footprint is zero. - The quoted 80 miles range is really 40-50 usable on the freeway at 70mph, but nearly 150 on surface streets at 40mph - The heater is wimpy for winter weather - IMO heated seats would be a better deal. - Heater and AC suck power, especially the windscreen defogger that uses both. Think 4.5kW, which is about 2/3rd of the power required to drive at 40mph. - The range gauge is too reliant on short-term history, and is nearly useless. But the battery gauge (2kWh/division) is pretty robust, and you'll quickly learn that 70mph is about 2.5miles/kwH or 5 miles per bar or 60 miles total, while 40mpg is about 6 miles/kWh or 12 miles per bar or 144 miles total, and with that it's easy to make a more useful prediction of remaining range. - Regenerative braking doesn't work when the battery is full (think about it...) - Recommendation is to charge battery to 80% rather than full every time for longer battery life. Range changes accordingly... - Level 2 charging is about 6 hours empty-full, but in practice you aren't empty and only charge to 80%. My 20 mile freeway commute is fully replenished by 10am, ready for any lunchtime emergency. And the top-off from 80% to 100%, should I learn I need a longer trip, is only an hour or so. February 29, 2012
future car It's completely new driving tastes. No idling sound and no engine noises, it's so quiet. Smooth starting and very fast, like a sports car. Love to drive, I really like this car except driving ranges. When full charged, it's says can drive about 100 miles, but I never could drive over 60miles. If I drive freeway, it could drive about 60 miles. And if I use heater with it, may be 50 miles are maximum. After six month later with my Leaf, I have to understand that actual driving ranges are 60miles, not 100 miles. Only one comment for this car " Need more big batteries or one more new technologies needed for long driving ranges." (actual driving ranges should be 100 miles, not ideal miles.) Over all, everyone should buy this car. February 29, 2012
You need to see the signs on the rear of my LEAF See the signs on back of my red LEAF in Hawaii: PV (SUN) POWERED NO GAS NO TAIL PIPE NO POLUTION NO HECO February 29, 2012
From dinosaurs to space ships In 2007, I purchased a Toyota Prius. I was immediately smitten by the aerodynamic shape, the unique sounds of the electric drive train, and the 46 mpg (hey, I'm an aggressive driver and enjoy beating others off the line). In March 2011, I took possession of my Cayenne Red LEAF. In almost every way, the LEAF makes my Prius seem primitive - a downright dinosaur. Aerodynamics? I love explaining to folks that the LEAF is so quiet that Nissan's engineers had to divert wind around the side mirrors and reengineer the windshield wiper system. Handling? The low center of gravity and taut suspension delivers a plush yet firm ride that surpasses anything else I've ever driven. Sounds? My electric drive is never interrupted by the sound of an internal combustion engine (ICE). The sound of my Prius' ICE roaring to life is definitely akin to a T. Rex growl. And nothing is more frustrating than backing your Prius into the garage only to have the engine awake and belch pollution everywhere. Acceleration? Now, when I beat folks off the line, it's usually in eco-mode (although I will "shift" to drive ocassionally to avoid ending up behind a diesel fume-spewing monster truck). And this little beauty is happy to sip 11 cent/kilowatt-hour electricity instead of $4.50/gallon gasoline. Is it any wonder then that I've put more than 10,000 miles on my LEAF in the last 11 months? Or that my Prius sits lonely in the garage most of the time? Nope, after all, evolution dictates that dinosaurs go by the wayside. I'll be cruising along in my ground-hugging Cayenne Red space ship. February 29, 2012
range is limited Every daily range is about 70 miles. In winter time it is about 55 miles. February 28, 2012
My Leaf Ultra quiet, quick to accelerate! Never to look for gasoline again. February 28, 2012
My Leaf is the best car I have ever driven. My Leaf is my most fun car to dive. It is clean, quiet and serene. My favorite drive is the morning, no noise just a glide on technology and me. I really do appreciate the smart , organic, intuitive and comfortable design of the car. My Nissan Leaf makes my personal transportation reliable and responsible. Thanks for zero on my ride! February 28, 2012
It's zippy and allows me to be in the carpool lane. I love my Leaf! I originally bought it to give me access to the carpol lanes for my commute but I had NO IDEA how fun it would be to drive. Big cars try to keep me out of the carpool lane and i love to get in and then LEAVE THEM IN MY DUST! I only wish my office building and others would put in more charging stations because we are starting to get jammed up! February 28, 2012
Handles 85% of all our regular driving needs We absolutely love our Leaf. It is used daily for comuting to work and running errands. The only limitation is that the distance is limited to about 70 miles. We have never had any problems with it. Charging is simple: 2-3 hours/night with the 240 V charger. We figure that it will pay for itself in about 5 years. Nice not to have to worry about gas prices going up. February 28, 2012
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Nissan LEAF 4.6 5 153 153
Excellent Mid-range EV; Fun, Efficient, Practical I am extremely impressed by the battery electric drive technology in the Nissan Leaf. It is a fun vehicle to drive on many levels while delivering outstanding efficiency and a satisfying alternative to gasoline. The Leaf nicely demonstrates that battery electric vehicles are practical today for for a decent range of driving needs. I think it excels at "mid-range" trips (30-70 miles), you can do the lower end of this range twice (round trip) on one charge and the upper end of this range one way if you have access to charging and plan to stay several hours at your destination. The Leaf of course easily manages shorter trips within a city/town, but for modest local trips, my personal preference would be a smaller electric vehicle (with fewer blind spots for crowded city driving) or a bicycle. I have not had adequate access to infrastructure to ascertain the practicality of the Leaf for longer trips (100 miles+ one way), especially with Level 3 DC fast charging. The majority of my driving does not require such trips anyway. Charging at home is a wonderful convenience and it feels great to be free from gas stations. Apart from a desire to occasionally enable longer trips, I do not really mind that there is not yet a robust EV charging (especially fast charging) infrastructure. Charging at home is almost always sufficient to meet my needs and the 120V portable EVSE (especially modified to charge at the full rate on 240VAC) is helpful to extend the practicality of mid range trips by allowing charging at the residences of friends and family, etc. without dedicated EVSEs installed. A 6-10kW on-board charger would be a great improvement over the 3.6kW charger currently in the Leaf, but the smaller charger still meets most of my needs quite well. I enthusiastically recommend the Leaf to any driver with needs well within the Leaf's ability (which should be the case for most drivers). I look forward to seeing a broader suite of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the coming years, building on the Leaf's excellent demonstrated capabilities, but expanding to cover more varied driving need profiles. February 27, 2012
This is a superbly designed vehicle, handles well, has lots of power if needed. The vehicle is as good as it gets...as an EV owner or lessee for the past decade plus, this is a superior car. I am very happy with the performance, handling and range. I often am asked questions by passersby...who know little of EV's, and try to be a real exponent of the technology and effort which went into the design and manufacture of this car. I woule recommend it to anyone for a great city vehicle. February 27, 2012
It is a very nice ride. Getting used to driving an electric vehicle takes some adjustments. It was alarming at first to see how the range changes depending how its driven and wether you need heat. For most of our daily driving it works well and is fun to drive. I would like it better if the actual range was greater than it is. February 27, 2012
Smooth, quiet, quick, fun - It's like going for a magic carpet ride Having driven Electric Vehicles in the past, I'd come to expect some limitations - most of them tended to have slow pickup and few were as pleasing to the body and the eye as the Nissan LEAF. I waited a long time for a 100% Electric - Zero Emission production vehicle. I am really happy the LEAF came along. It has everything I wanted in a new EV: 5-doors, seating for 5 people, it is comfortable to drive and the electric motor has plenty of power. I didn't really want all the "connected' high tech stuff this car comes with, but now that I have it, I use many of the features, such as the Navigation System. For example, being able to tell if the vehicle is charged up remotely is terrific. It's the only car I own now, and I expect to do all my driving in the LEAF for a long time to come. I am never going back to driving an ICE and buying gasoline !!! February 27, 2012
Not only is it good for the environment, its very quiet and fun to drive. I did a lot of research on electric cars before deciding on the Leaf. With a daily commute of 46 miles round trip, it was perfect for my needs. I'm now about ready to start a 60 mile round trip commute and I now it will handle it with ease...even running the AC/heat and radio. Couldn't be happier. February 27, 2012
Fun to drive Easy to handle, quick to stop. Interior door panels need improvement - get rid of the cloth! Acceleration excellent when you need it even in Eco Mode. CarWings - Why don't we get feedback so we know how we drive in respect to others. There may be a better way to conserve energy. Navigation/phone excellent and reliable a real plus from stand along GPS devices. It needs a real 100 miles under freeway driving. February 27, 2012
I love the handling and speed acceleration This car is much better than I ever imagined. It gets up and goes when required and handles like a much more expensive type car. The fact that I charge it at home from my solar panel set up just makes it all the better. Knowing that I'll never have to go to a gas station again is the icing on the cake. February 27, 2012
No quick chargers are available, Nissan Leaf cabin heater consuming too much power There are no avalable quick chargers, I recommend Nissan corporation install quick charges at all the Nissan dealerships. Nissan Leaf cabin heater consuming too much power and I am only able to achive 50 miles on a full charge. February 27, 2012
Good car, poor support system I am satisfied with the performance of my Leaf. but it gets far fewer miles on a charge than I was led to believe it would. This is not a deal-breaker for me because I don't drive very far each workday, but is does severely limit what I can do with the car on weekends. Can't really use it on the highway because it uses so much power to go a short distance. The other big disappointment is the complete lack of charging stations in the community. There are no 440v quick charge stations anywhere, and the very few 220v chargers are at places that I would never go. Happened by one location one time and pulled in just to see how easy it would be to use, and found a 1 ton truck parked in the space. February 27, 2012
Fun, But We Want More (Range) What can we say - the Leaf is everything we expected: Fun to drive, easy to use, holds lots of cargo, takes us most everywhere we want to go and although we're not loopy- in-love with the styling, its certainly not ugly. We have a 3 kw solar array, so out juice is almost free! Our only gripe is that we cant use it for ALL or driving needs. Here's hoping Nissan engineers are close to delivering a 200-mile (or more) battery and that Nissan works with outer automakers and private and public entities in the U.s. to get a lot of Level 3 chargers deployed, quickly. February 27, 2012
Performance is exactly as advertised The Leaf is perfect for someone who commutes 50-60 miles roung trip daily. This could conceivably double if there was a charging station at your destination. No worries at all with freeway driving. The Leaf does not lack for creature comforts. It is imperative the driver be aware of the environment in which he/she is driving. For example 70 mph on a freeway with the AC on uses much more charge than 55 mph and no AC. Climbing mountain passes and driving into stout headwinds takes more charge than flat roads and calm days. As long as you are driving within your known comfort zone the car is a gem. If you want to push the envelope, have a plan. I look forward to widely available 480V charging stations (someday). February 27, 2012
A Great First Generation EV My Nissan Leaf is a good-looking, dependable, comfortable real car and great first affordable real EV. Sure, I would like longer range, a leather interior, an upgrades stereo, and a moon-roof. Those things will come in future generations. I am proud to be one of the first in my area to experience oil independence; charged by my home's PV system, my leaf runs on sun-power. I really enjoy driving my Leaf. Thank you, Nissan, for making your vision a reality. February 27, 2012
Throughout better. No gas. Charged by the sun. Fun to drive. I would not change it for any other car. Bigger batteries! Level 3 chargers! More models! For the rest it is an exceptional car. February 27, 2012
Love it! Love it! Love it! My wife hasn't been to a gas station in 8 months. It is a terrific car in all ways: quickness, comfort, reliability, and just plain fun to drive. I'm hoping the Leaf is a big success for Nissan. It truly deserves to be. February 27, 2012
An outstanding version 1.0! My first impressions of the Leaf have also been my lasting impressions: the car is smooth, quiet, and a pleasure to drive. While I do think about range regularly, it is a rare day or situation where I decide to drive a gasoline-fueled car due to those concerns. My constructive criticism is about making "good" into "even better": the climate system, especially the heater, can be a major drain on the batteries. Often, all I want is a little ventilation, and I find myself trying to "fool" the system into running the fan without engaging the heater in cold weather. How about a "just run the fan" button or mode? Second, the 2011 Leaf was only offered with cloth seats, which are not a good choice for an active family. Third is more of a long-term concern: during the drive events, Nissan reps touted the modularity of the battery packs, saying that it would be easy to replace them when the time comes with newer packs (possibly with greater capacity and/or service life) as they become available. I am interested in seeing Nissan follow through and support Leaf early adopters along these lines. February 27, 2012
Driving experience Fun to drive, especially avoiding the gas pumps as the cost of petrol keeps going higher and higher. LEAF meets nearly all of our driving needs. Interior space is good, with room for 5 passengers we are able to carry as many passengers as our other vehicle. February 27, 2012
Really amazing electric car! We have had the LEAF for over a year now and it has been great! The best car I have ever owned. The car is so fun to drive, is so quiet and smooth, and saves us money every week. While the car did cost a bit more up front, we spend so much less now on gas (well we spend nothing on gas now for this car). The electric cost is so much less than it would be for gasoline. Also we get our power from solar so it's super clean! We use the car pretty much every day and it has worked great for us. It has some really cool technology in it and feels like the car of the future. I recommend the LEAF. It is a great car, it's better for the environment, and will save you money . February 27, 2012
Fun and inexpensive to drive. I have enjoyed this vehicle from day one. It doesn't replace my 18 year old Nissan Quest; it complements it. I have assigned the back seat to my Dutch Shepherd. I filled the rear foot wells with sturdy cardboard boxes and cut a large piece of heavy carpeting to give my dog a flat stable place to ride. I got a short lead that plugs into a seat belt receiver so he is safely constrained in the case of an accident. I think he likes the smooth quiet ride. I know I do. This car has taught me to drive even more economically through use of all the clever instrumentation. I don't drive a lot of miles any more, but with my new LEAF I surely drive them in style and with efficiency. February 27, 2012
Electric! Oh and a great car besides that. Fantastic car, fast, affordable, no gas ever. Long wait to get one but certainly worth it. Need to build them faster! Not enough color choices, no green? Leaf colors? Other than that excellent car. February 27, 2012
Handling I traded in my RX-8 for my LEAF, and although it is much more economical, the handling of the LEAF could be so much better. Throwing it into a curve in the mountains where I live, the LEAF wallows and leans like a boat and the tires have so little grip that the traction control system decides that it has to step in and take over. Quite disappointing. With the low center of mass, the LEAF could handle like a race car! February 27, 2012
It is the worst car I ever owned, & I can't wait to get rid of it. The range of the battery is no where near what Nissan says it is, unless you drive at ridiculously low speeds. Normal highway driving, WITHOUT going over 60 mph, just wears out the remaining battery mileage. February 27, 2012
great car, but need to improve really enjoy driving it, it is hard to go back to gas power car which is more ugly and less fun to drive than Leaf. the only thing Nissan needs to improve: the range (80 miles is too short), which limit us to 50 mile radius with family of 4. we like to drive it as much as possible. improve the console (dashboard). really like to see if you can put iPad into the dashboard (people can place their own iPad into your dashboard and take out when not driving) and make an app to let driver control Leaf from iPad (anything you name it). your LCD on the console is worst interface compared to iPad. the touch screen is not that sensitive. February 27, 2012
review the leaf is much better than i expected. craftmanship is very good. comfort and power delivery are excellent. battery degradation hasn't begun yet, after 9000 miles and 1yr of ownership. LED headlights are a blast. GPS is excellent. range is decent, but highway miles trim it excessively. problems: body panel gap at hood and front bumper (only on 1 side). missing driver's side overhead egress handle. passenger side airbag light faulty. February 27, 2012
Love no gas; hate low range It is quick, it is easy to charge overnight at home, it is (so far) low maintenance, but it is so limited in high speed range. Hope Nissan, or someone, is coming out with a replacement battery to extend range to 300 miles (at freeway speed) for a fully charged battery. February 27, 2012
love everything except winter climate control I'm super happy with my leaf. Only wish it had a little more range and better defogging on cool wet days. February 27, 2012
Everyone needs one Absolutely the best car I have ever owned. It's also the first car that my wife has ever raved about to anyone and everyone else. It's super-quiet, super-smooth (no gear changes), super-quick (off the line), and super-fun to drive. Aside from the cool interior and great dashboard, it's an amazing driving experience, with effortless acceleration and quietness like none other. For daily city driving on the weekdays, it's absolutely perfect. Some weekends, we still use our gas car, and if the LEAF had 200 miles of range, we would use it instead, but that still means that we only buy gas for our other car every month or two. Bottom line: everyone should have one. It's the best. February 27, 2012
Best new car I've every owned Absolutely love the Leaf. Most dependable car I've every owned. Mine has been charged by solar panels from day one. I love the instant 100% torque acceleration. What a rush! February 27, 2012
The best in innovation since sliced bread! As the huband I bought this car thinking I'd have a chance to drive a car of the future. Turns out, it mostly still is in the future for me as my wife uses it for her work and just about everything else - she loves it! And if Momma ain't happy ain't no one happy! Nice work Nissan - you got it right on this one! February 27, 2012
Love the Car, need more chargers.... The Leaf is a joy to drive. Quiet, quick, and nimble. Finally I am starting to see Level 2 chargers in the places around town I go to The Malls are on board. Fortunately my Grocery Store is in a Mall, so that's covered. Need them at Golf courses. Need the old style chargers updated. Need Level 3 chargers on the Interstates. I do NOT miss going to gas stations! February 27, 2012
Very quiet running car, just need more type 3 charging stations My wife and I really enjoy the quiet ride and very low maintenance on this car. The bluetooth and radio works really well together. We like the the easy nav system and the Eco- reminders it gives us. The only draw back is the limited number of type 3 chargers in the state that keeps us to a limited driving range. It's the best "City" car we have ever owned. February 27, 2012
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Nissan LEAF 4.6 5 153 153
Great car--needs more range. Everything about the car is great, with one crucial exception--its range. Although supposedly good for 100 miles, the reality is closer to half that sum. If there were 440 volt charging stations dispersed throughout the state, then it would be possible to recharge in a half-hour. In that event, the car would be great. As it is, though, it is extremely limited. March 7, 2012
More fun than I expected. I knew the Leaf would be energy efficient; I didn't expect it to be so much fun to drive. With its low CG, and instant acceleration it drives like a fun sports car. I love that I can be the first away from a stop light. March 6, 2012
Step into the future It's simple, gas is a finite resource and we're running out. I used to spend an average of $400 a month on gas. Now I'm paying about $40 for fuel; a non polluting fuel that is. I love driving my Leaf. Instant torque is the way to go! Once I finish installing some PVs, I'll be leaving even less of a carbon footprint, while freeing up the grid for fellow EVs. March 6, 2012
It's very quiet. This is the quietest car I've ever owned. I love not having to stop at the gas station anymore. I hope to own this car for a very long time. March 5, 2012
I 'm having very unique experience with my leaf; much superior than BMW 7 series's& Mercedes 500 SL; or Lexes 400H& specially & prious;I fill good I;mvery impressed by Leafs comfort . The car has well designed& spacious to fit such relatively big guy lick me 6:4 tal &250lb. Extremely quiet,I fill finally find car that fulfil my personal & spiritual needs such as impacting our envirument in a positive way " good job Nissan" March 4, 2012
Wonderful car! Very fast, very quiet, almost free to operate, and requires no maintenance. I wanted to own the first mass-produced electric car in 100 years, and Nissan Leaf is the only one. So the choice was easy. But even though I would have bought it anyway, I feel fortunate with this car. It is unlike any other car I've ever owned. It is very fast, very quiet, almost free to operate, and requires no maintenance. I charge it every night, and it is easy and convenient to charge. If I were to describe the ride, I would say it most resembles a magic carpet. It almost seems to float. And I care nothing for gas prices! It is a great first-generation effort by Nissan, and I congratulate you. Thank you for producing such a car. In order for your electric cars to compete with gasoline cars, you must extend the range to at least 300 miles and get the charge time down to 15-30 minutes. I know that sounds impossible, but don't stop trying. We'll get there! March 4, 2012
fun to drive I was suprised by how sporty the leaf drives--very responsive, excellent pick up. It's quiet , easy to park and best of all doesn't pollute. I'm really happy with the Leaf. March 4, 2012
It is a delightful car to drive and it helps us avoid damaging our Earth. The Nissan Leaf is an excellent car for Hawaii and the world. It leads the way to the future by demonstrating that is not only possible, but fun and economical to do the right thing whle meeting family transportation needs and helping solve our planet's environmental problems. March 4, 2012
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Nissan LEAF 4.6 5 153 153
exceeds most expectations My LEAF turned me into a car enthusiast. Before owning my LEAF, driving was a chore; now it's a delight. I love the red color; it makes me smile. I love the zero emissions; that makes my heart light. Driving the car is so fun; "zippy" is how I describe the pickup, and it handles like a charm. Passengers are always surprised at the roominess. Strangers often comment or ask questions, and it's a wonderful way to meet nice folks and make new friends. Eco-consciousness is why I purchased the LEAF; it's a bonus that as the price of gas skyrockets, I'm feeling no pain. Owning a LEAF is rewarding in so many ways. The only thing I needed to add was surf racks. Plus, I enjoy being an innovator . . . ahead of the crowd! February 28, 2012
A car that I trust 2,000 miles per month for six months with no problems, none expected. The car always gets me home and has exceeded my expectations. For the time that I have had it, my family and I enjoy the quiet ride and don't concern ourselves with the price of gas when we decide to do errands or a trip. I have access to a DC fast charger which makes the car much more usable and I look forward to more DC quick chargers being installed for more convient long-range trips. I am able to charge at homes of friends and family and enjoy sharing my experience with them as an early adopter. I love the Nissan LEAF and am pleased that Nissan has the guts to mass produce it. With the excellent features and solid engineering, Nissan is a pioneer that other manufacturers can only try to emulate. February 28, 2012
At last, an all electric car! The incredible acceleration was a surprise. We drive about 20 miles per day and it suits us well. February 28, 2012
Spunky little quiet commuter car I’ve owned my little white leaf for about 7 months and have just over 8000 miles. It is a beater car that take me back and forth to work from South San Jose to Fremont. I have the opportunity to charge at work which is great! However, even if I was not able to charge I would be able to make it to and from Fremont (about 70 miles) without charging. I don’t use the AC or the heater much, I watch my trees grow and just putt-putt in the right hand lane at 60 mph. It is a great first generation all electric car and would recommend to others who have a commute of less than 30 miles one way which allows for lunch, errands, or stops on the way back home. The 2012 version comes with heated seats, and heated this and that which is much better. Look forward to the growth of electric cars which will hopefully grow as fast as gas prices have the last few weeks! Oh my! February 28, 2012
It's fun to drive without gas, and a practical transportation solution. If you need a fun, reliable, comfortable car for commuting and local errands of up to 60 miles per day, the LEAF is the perfect choice. Eliminates the hassle and increasing cost of filling gas. Easily carries a family of 4 plus the weekend Costco haul. February 28, 2012
Powered by the sun Not only does our Leaf allow us to happily drive past gas stations, we have just taken the additional step of installing a 4.3 KW solar system on the roof of our house that allows us to totally eliminate the consumption of any fossil fuels in the operation of our Leaf. The solar system also supplies the average daily electrical power to run our house, so we feel we have significantly reduced our "carbon footprint". And we can truly say, "Our Leaf runs on sunshine!" February 27, 2012
it is very quiet and peppy, and i love not buying gas. for most of my driving the range is good. but i occasionally have to go up in the hills of malibu and though the trip is only 80 miles because of the altitude shift i have come home twice in turtle mode with 0 range. it is a little nerve racking. if there were only more places to charge in malibu. if only there were rapid charge stations anywhere. most of the time the range is fine and not buying gas more than makes up for the range anxiety. February 27, 2012
Great car, can't wait to trade for better battery! I am a little irritated that the car only gets 75 miles on a good day and 55 miles in cold weather. I love driving it, the interior amenities are great, and the fact I never have to stop at a gas station is fantastic. I am a little irritated that the DCfast "infrastructure" has been so slow. I have no convenient place to charge other than home. February 27, 2012
95% Right for 1st Year Model I've been very pleased and for a first time model, I think Nissan got it rigt 95%. Why the sun visor doesn't have a pull out extendor is beyond me and some of the info near the odometer should be raised to the second display, but other than those minor issues, it's a great car! The convenience and reliability is great, however, you need to think about how far you are going to go and where charger stations are. The other issue is miles per charge. My freeway driving of 34 miles a day only leaves 30 miles in my car when I get home on a 100% charge - need to improve substantially here. February 27, 2012
Very few complaints OK: the big one of course: range. Really about 80 miles, needs to be a bit more to alleviate everyday anxiety. Other than that, outstanding vehicle to drive, no real complaints except to having to push "OK" every time I start (why???). Also, the clock runs fast, the sun visor is useless, and there needs to be a light in the charging port. There, that's the entire list of complaints after almost a year. I have noticed some drop off in projected mileage after a charge, it will be interesting to watch that. February 27, 2012
Smooth, fast, and fun to drive. Absolutely love it! I never imagined how quiet and smooth this car would be to drive. We really do not want to drive our other vehicles now. The leaf has become the family favorite. I really could go on and on about this car. We plan on buying another one soon. February 27, 2012
Technology Tour de Force Amazingly quiet ride. Very calming. I am getting a very low cost for fuel, less than 2 cents per mile compared to 20+ cents per mile for my last gasoline car using the utilities super off peak rate of less than 6 cents per kWh. My only complaint is the estimated range gauge is not even close to accuarte even after the software upgrade. It does take me where I want to go, when I want to go without a lot of drama. Oh, and who thought a light colored cloth interior was a great idea. February 27, 2012
Fun to drive. Very peppy Great car. Topography of local area doesn't lend itself to hoped for range....too many ups and downs. Other than that I love the car. February 27, 2012
Zippy and fun to drive! The first thing you notice about the Leaf is how spacious the interior is, immediately followed by the lack of engine noise. In short, It's AWESOME! February 27, 2012
Fast, quiett & easy to handle Because it's so quick to take off I'm tempted to use more charge than I'd like to because the range it gets is not as much as what's advertised or what's available in the instrument panel when fully charged. That being said the environmental impact, or lack thereof makes it a perfect fit for my desire to be part of the solution and not the problem. There's no way in the summer in Phoenix to run the A/C, even though it's excellent for cooling the vehicle, without limiting it's range to under 80 miles according to the inaccurate estimate on the instrument panel.. In an attempt to understand the mileage remaining indicator I drove the speed limit only on surface streets with no accessories on and calculated about 5-7 miles to each notch on the gauge. With 12 such notches that means it should've been reading 60-84 miles before needing a charge. Instead, it was reading 110 at the start, dropped precipitously and that's while driving with very slow acceleration, maintaining low overall speeds and no accessories running. I love the economics of it and overall am very happy with its pickup, interior comfort and exterior styling. The range limitation takes away from this overall excellent city transportation solution. The only real sacrifices are distance and size but they are balanced with economy, sustainability and excellent performance. February 27, 2012
Excellent mass production car Great job by nissan for the first mass production EV car. I just wish the car had more range. February 27, 2012
Great cars cause domestic problems The whole family loves the car. It's the favorite of the 3 cars we have. Each morning a debate starts: who gets the car for the day? February 27, 2012
very fun to drive and quick. definite worth the money, perfect marriage to your home solar system. I wish the range is longer, maybe around 300 miles I love this car, and its technology. Now i prefer driving this car more than my motocycle. I've been waiting for this car since the oil company kill the ev1 and ev2. i hope this car last forever, and i hope in five years i can swap out to a longer range battery. this car has everthing you need and nothing extra. I'm waiting for a longer range SUV all electric from nissan. Nissan tend to make reliable and affordable cars. February 27, 2012
bestnoblest car on the road Future should be quick change out battery packs available along the road just like gasoline stations. Pull in, slide battery out, slide charged battery in, back on road February 27, 2012
The Leaf is a great commuter car The car is fun to drive due to it low center of gravity. The charging station and vehicle are easy to use when plugging the car in and setting the timer for charging. The savings of using electricity vs gasoline is better than I anticipated. February 27, 2012
So great i am buying my second one!! I made the switch early and am so glad I did. As a matter of fact I am picking my 12 up tomorrow I love them so much! Way to go Nissan! February 27, 2012
Fun to drive, really low fuel costs The LEAF is a fantastic car. It’s fun to drive because it has really good acceleration off the line and handles corners really well. And it’s comfortable. The cabin is roomy and so quiet. There’s no engine noise and almost no road noise. I commute 40 miles a day, so the car has plenty of range for getting back and forth to work, running errands and going out in the evening. It reliably recharges every night while I sleep. Best of all, fuel cost is incredibly low. It really seems like a “normal” car except I never have to stop at a gas station! February 27, 2012
Finally, an EV for the masses. The car is so easy to live with. There's a short learning curve, but then all other cars are noisy, smelly antiques. Nissan still has some work to make the car stellar, but it's great for version 1.0. Key things I'd like to see improved: -6.6+ kW on-board charger -control of the electric heater -useful sun visors (when moved to the side) -better battery charge gauge (and loose the Eco trees) -A second Nissan EV in my garage so my wife and I don't have to share! Keep up the good work Nissan! February 27, 2012
fast to charge, fast to drive I charge it up over night and it's ready every morning. It is really quick off the line and easy to drive around town. I wish it was a bit heavier and more solid and that leather seating was available. But as an all around town car it can't be beat for environmental responsibility and fun too. February 27, 2012
I love the car I love almost everything about the car. I like the looks and how quiet it is. It has all the power I need. It is a lot of fun to drive. I wish I could have paid more for leather seats and a battery that would get me further. February 27, 2012
Zippy and worth the wait After a year's wait to be a beta tester, I am happy to say it was worth the wait. Five years prior, we had solar PV panels installed. The charging station came in just as the car was being readied at my dealership, and it all fit together as planned. The car is fun and quiet to drive, it fits my commute as planned, and I only wait for more charging stations to arrive to extend the range. Thank you Nissan Motors for taking the next necessary step in providing a functional alternative to petroleum based transportation. February 27, 2012
A car that meets my individual needs There is a lot to like about the Nissan Leaf. First of course is the fact that it is all electric. It is also comfortable and quick and generally a pleasure to drive. When I bought my Leaf I knew exactly where and when I wanted to drive and the car was well suited to what I wanted to do. We have a second vehicle for longer trips and without that I probably would not have purchased the Leaf. The charging infrastructure to make longer trips is still not in place and there is no way to know when adequate charging stations will be available to go longer distances without concern for running out of power. The range issue is still the primary negative of this vehicle and the fact that the estimate of available range varies so much depending on speed, terrain, teperature and the use of power for things other than the motor. At full charge I have used as much as twenty miles of initially indicated range in two or three miles of driving. There is supposed to be a software update that might address this issue which I have not yet received. I do enjoy not having to wait in gas station lines and pay for expensive imported fuel. While the Leaf is not ideal for everyone, I find it is meeting all my driving needs. It has been very dependable, with adequate space for luggage or groceries. February 27, 2012
Fun great and futuristic We are so happy with our Leaf It fun to drive so smooth and easy to handle It so futuristic and real at the same time Love it February 27, 2012
Speedy, stylish, fun and practical. After driving my beautiful Glacier Pearl LEAF for 6 months I can honestly say that it's the best car I've ever owned. Nissan put everything into this car and it shows. It is surprisingly peppy to drive with good handling and a smooth, quiet ride. The inside is roomy and has many nice standard features. The on board electronics are amazing although the user interface is awkward and difficult to use, especially while driving. The nav features are particularly slow and hard to use. To save weight and space the LEAF doesn't have a spare tire, just a 'fix-a-flat' kit. This can be a problem if you have a sidewall puncture, as I did, you will have to call for roadside assistance. But you get 3 years of free roadside assistance from Nissan...like I said, Nissan thought of everything. I love passing gas stations and not caring about the spiking prices. Thanks Nissan for finally producing a great affordable electric car!! February 27, 2012
Great Car I love the Leaf. It is very quick, fuel is cheap and range is sufficient. Only think I don't like about it is that it doesn't come with a leather seat option. February 27, 2012
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Nissan LEAF 4.6 5 153 153
It's the greatest car I have ever owned. I love the quiet drive. Also, the envious remarks of my friends. The style is beautiful and I'm still learning all the settings. I have owned it for just 7 months and it is still fun. February 28, 2012
A car that's like an electronic device. I unlock the car, then power up, listening to the pleasant tones. I usually drive in ECO mode and love watching the various ways the dash gives me feedback. When I return home I just power down and plug in for the night. Just like another personal electric device (except this one really does transport me). February 28, 2012
LOVE the car overall, but the floor covering could certainly be improved upon. Although we LOVE our Leaf overall, we just cannot get over the material used in lieu of carpeting. Dirt and other particles seem to get more ingrained in the fibers and when a vacuum is used to suck them up, it causes the fibers to fray. Also, can it be cleaned with a wet-vac? I doubt it. We have never had this problem before in the dozens of cars that we have owned over the decades. This is the only improvement that we have been able to come up with since most of our time is spent actually enjoying the smooth, quiet ride, comfortable seating and overall pleasant experience of FINALLY owning an EV. Way to go Nissan. February 28, 2012
This is NOT a toy! Most people think an electric car a) is a passing fad b) is a toy c) is tiny d) cannot accelerate to pass other vehicles e) is out of their price range f) really must need gas SOME of the time One test drive can change most of these false impressions--for good! Try it and see for yourself. -- A satisfied Leaf owner February 28, 2012
We Love Driving Past the Gas Stations! My wife & I were really excited when we found out that Nissan was developing an all electric car. I read up on the Nissan Leaf and we decided that it would be the perfect car for us. We reserved our Nissan Leaf 4/22/2010 I reviewed all of the possible home charging docks. I called and scheduled an assessment. Extremely easy, simple, friendly process. 7/12/2010 we had our Assessment review. Within the next few days we received our AV Home Charging Dock and Installation quote. It was exactly what we expected. Sometime in October 2010 we signed up for a Nissan Leaf test drive. The test drive was scheduled at the San Francisco International Auto Show, Sat, 11/20/2010, at 10:00 AM. Before we drove the Leaf a Nissan representative took us in small groups to the upper ballroom. The ballroom had a couple of cubicles and video screens showing components of the car. Also there were about 5 Nissan leafs ready to be driven. The hardwood floor was covered in clear plastic. I was really excited when it was my turn to drive the Leaf . My wife sat in the back seat and a Nissan reprehensive sat next to me. We got to drive about 5 times in a circle around the ballroom. After the drive my wife and I were really sold on this electric vehicle. November 24, 2010 our Nissan Leaf order was confirmed. As scheduled, our Garage charger was installed on Dec. 8th. 2010 I received an e-mail from Nissan notifying me that our New Nissan Leaf SL would be ready for delivery by July 1, 2011. I contacted our local Nissan leaf dealer and they made all of the arrangements needed. July 1, 2011 We went to the local Nissan dealership and picked up our new Nissan Leaf The total experience of dealing with the Nissan company and our local Nissan Leaf dealer was easy, simple, and overall an outstanding experience. We Love our new all electric Nissan leaf, we love driving past the gas stations and we have not seen an increase in our electric bill. We think the world would be a better if everyone knew the joy of driving a Nissan Leaf! February 28, 2012
Nissan LEAF Highly Recommended One of the best things about driving a Nissan LEAF is that I'm helping our country reduce our oil use on the way to energy independence. It's really great using renewable resources instead of our natural resources. I've never had a car that is as quiet, smooth, and accelerates as fast as a LEAF. It's virtually maintenance free and I save a bundle every month by not using any liquid (gasoline,diesel) or gaseous (CNG, Propane, etc.) fuel. By driving very efficiently, I can easily go over 100 miles on an 80% charge. Using the DCQC port, I'll be able to travel to distant in and out-of-state cities. Kudos to Nissan for producing this Awesome BEV! February 28, 2012
Excellent commuter vehicle The Leaf is an excellent commuter vehicle today. For a known route and distance, it is excellent. The Bad: In my case, the range is a bit short for general errands on weekends or during day. My range limit is mainly because I live on the side of a mountain, my range home is always hit by the climb. Arriving at home with less than 1 range bar and 3 or 4 guessometer miles, I can always drive another 20 miles down the hill but that really doesn't do me much good. Installing fast chargers at the bottom of the hill or adding an additional 20 to 40% range (like my EV1 had) would help a lot. Weekend errands are limited a lot by the slow charging speed. If one trip uses a lot of the battery, I have to sit for a long time at home to get enough charge to go out again. Increasing to 16 kW is great but even 6.6 to 10 kW would be a huge improvement. The Good: Performance is quite adequate, handling is great, styling is great, very roomy, ride is excellent, very comfortable, excellent value. February 28, 2012
Smooth, quiet, sophisticated, zippy, and economical Our LEAF is a pleasure to drive - smooth, quiet, sophisticated, zippy, and good handling. The driving range is ample for more than 90% of our car trips. We charge at home at night for about 3c per mile (compared to about 15c/mile for our similar sized 30 mpg gasoline car). There are no oil changes, no need to go to a gas station, and very few things to break or wear out. We don't emit fumes or other air pollution that we or people on the street or people in other cars have to breathe. Our electricity utility company does not use coal, so the LEAF causes much less greenhouse gas emission than a similar car with an internal combustion engine. We can drive in high occupancy vehicle lanes with only one occupant. The hatchback, three seat belts in the rear, large cargo area, and split folding rear seats allow us to put a child seat in the center rear, avoid having bags of groceries fall over or out the back when we open the hatch, and enable carrying a wide range of large or odd shaped items. It has ample head room and leg room for my 6 ft 3 inch frame. The heads-up digital speedometer and clear reversing camera are great driving aids. And its a nice looking car. The minor areas that could be improved are: the 2011 LEAF needs a better user interface for telematics and climate control, it needs to show the estimated remaining usable battery charge in kWh, and (like most cars these days) it needs a much smaller rear roof pillar to improve the driver's view to the rear and side when reversing or changing lanes. February 28, 2012
Fun to Drive Nissan Leaf I have almost 11,000 miles on my Leaf and have enjoyd every mile. It is used daily for commuting and any other family need within its range. Surprisingly, the range has proven to be in the sweet spot for our needs as it has become our primary vehicle so our Mercedes now gathers dust sitting in the garage. I love the quiteness and the creature comforts within the Leaf although I wish I could add the heated sets/steering wheel now available on the 2012 model. February 28, 2012
A good car that has potential to be great! I would consider the Nissan Leaf to be a great car if the real world driving miles were closer to 150 miles per charge and the styiling of the car was a little more sporty. February 28, 2012
No gas is great The thing I like most about driving Kermie is going past the gas station a couple of times a day and saying to myself, "I used to have to stop there at least once a week to fill up!" (and that was driving a hybrid that got over 35 mpg and had a 600-mile range). Range is not really an issue, as my employer enthusiastically supported my purchase and permits me to charge at work. My round trip is 85 miles, and I charge exclusively using standard 120 volt outlets. I have driven over 14000 miles between June 2011 and February 2012. Now, if more retailers would just realize that I would stop in more often if I could also charge in their parking lot while shopping... February 28, 2012
thanks to Nissan for building the car of the future EVs benefits include: 1. lower fuel and maintenance costs; 2. no dependence on foreign oil; 3. reduced pollution; 4. reduced global warming; 5. direct use of renewable energy; 6. better driving experience; 7. quieter streets; 8. safer (no exploding gasoline tanks); 9. no more dirty gasoline pumping or garage leaks; and, 10. greater employment of American businesses, manufacturing, and labor while reducing trade deficits. February 28, 2012
I love my leaf! My leaf amazes everyone that rides in it. It's: powerful, stylish, nimble and it's a techy's dream. I like making a big green statement and that what my Leak does. February 28, 2012
Love it. Very reliable. We mostly drive it around town, so range is not an issue. We have solar PV on the roof to charge it. When we first got the Leaf, my wife was somewhat afraid of it. She drove it a few times with me in the front seat, but never by herself. Then our gasoline car developed a problem so that it was hard to start; she didn't want to be stuck in that car, so she was forced to take the Leaf. After driving it by herself a few times, it quickly became her preferred car. I like the fact that it works with zero gasoline; we are likely to see gas shortages due to Peak Oil before long. And with solar charging, it is non-polluting and sustainable. February 28, 2012
Fit and finish are superior/roomy and comfortable ride We experienced range anxiety disappearing within a few weeks to a couple months of ownership. Passengers are amazed at how quiet the car is and how it has such a comfortable seating arrangement and smooth ride. The LEAF has quick acceleration and instant torque we have grow to love as a daily driver. We are pleased with the fit and finish of the LEAF. It is truly a pleasure to drive and own this car. The on board screens for information are technologically beautiful. Currently, we have 16,700 miles in 11 months of ownership. We are thrilled at the super low maintenance costs and super low fuel (electric charging) costs. Originally, I bought the LEAF for myself. My wife was hesitant to drive the car. Now she loves to drive it daily to work. Her commute is 73 miles, mostly freeway. She arrives how with two bars of charge remaining. Charging outside of the house isn't a regular thing we rely on to use the LEAF. We have only charged a few times outside of our house EVSE home charging dock. From now on, I will always own an EV as a daily driver commute car and for weekend limited range outings. The future of daily EV transportation is here. February 28, 2012
For the money, best car on the market! The Leaf is great fun to drive! I've had it up to 93 miles an hour (don't tell the cops!) and could have done 100, but there were other cars on the road ahead of me. It is an ideal commuter car and I use it every day without any problems whatsoever. Zero emissions, almost zero maintenance, zero fossil fuel--driving a car can't get much better than that!! It is quiet, powerful, well built, and better than any gasoliine car equivalent. I'd buy one again in a heartbeat!! February 28, 2012
Enjoy the Leaf I enjoy owning the Leaf and would recommend it to anyone as a second vehicle. Range is a huge issue, but as a second car, I find I drive my Leaf 90% of the time. Leather seats are needed on future models. February 28, 2012
Great value because of tax breaks Great car - drives great. Overall, happy with the purchase. With gas prices threatening to go >$5, I feel that I have got a great value for the money. It is made possible because of the federal / state tax credits & rebates. Have gotten over the issue of range anxiety with better planning. Will be interesting to see how long the battery lasts and what options I would have to replace it when the time comes. Only complaint is that the interior feels cheap - I understand that the focus was on weight and recycled material, but it comes off looking and feeling cheap. February 28, 2012
Exceeded expectations. With the prices of petrol on a seemingly endless rise, purchasing the Leaf seems to be one of the smartest investments I've made. It's deceivingly fast & nimble and a joy to drive. Having almost zero maintenance gives me peace of mind - my wife loves that aspect. February 28, 2012
Unpredictable driving distance Lot shorter distance driving than advertised. Work is 35 miles from my home. If I leave home with a capacity of 55 miles, it is nerve racking to get to work before it runs out of capacity. I need at least 65 miles capacity to return home for the same 35 mile distance. Impress with the technology and see a real future. Do not know if I want to be one of the earlier adopter of technology. Engineer by training so I can work through the anxiety of figuring out if I have enough capacity to drive. My wife will not touch the car. Nissan need to develop a better software to determine capacity versus distance. Unacceptable driving range. February 28, 2012
Love our Leaf We love passing all those gas stations ever since we brought our Leaf home in June. The car is so quiet, we rarely listen to the radio - we just enjoy the quiet! The Leaf is so fun to drive, we look for reasons to drive it. February 28, 2012
No gas price increase worries This vehicle is probably the best hedge against high gas price and gas shortages. Energy to fuel vehicle is domestic sources. Cost of ownership is exceptionally reasonable for the quality of the vehicle because of the low cost per mile. February 28, 2012
less range than i thought love to drive it but if it's cold and raining, mileage suffers...had to cut short a day trip to go back home to charge...no quick chargers available yet February 28, 2012
Good for everyone! Good fun to drive. Good for the environment. Good not to have to stop for gas. Good and quiet. February 28, 2012
Great Errand Car We like the Leaf for running all our quick trips around town. The car is efficient and well designed. The Climate Control is a major disapointment if control of the fan & heater are considered. We just had the software upgrade which hasn't changed the fan control. The Leaf rides & handles very well with low center of gravity. The car is perfect for running quick trips around town. Until the complete QC charger system is in place and functioning longer trips are challenging. We have more quick chargers in place than any other state but most are not working. That would be a Ecotality problem I guess but whatever Nissan can do would be appreciated. February 28, 2012
A Little more range, please The only disappointment I have is with the range at freeway speeds. If it had a true, freeway range (65mph) of 120 miles, it would be great! February 28, 2012
Home run for Nissan The only flaw is the GPS and the fan controls (whole AC system comes on when you only want fresh air ventilation), but otherwise an absolutely great car to drive. It's great passing the long gas lines at Costco. February 28, 2012
Very smooth ride The LEAF is very smooth and quiet, as well as much quicker than most people would otherwise think. Excellent fit and finish, and the car is just plain fun to drive. There is also ample interior passenger room with enough space to seat four adults comfortably. Best of all, you just feel great driving a zero emission vehicle (especially when most of your household electricity is generated by roof top solar panels). February 28, 2012
My Leaf is Green I am very happy with my Leaf, it performs better than expected. My only concern is the wearability and durability of the seating. The material is easily stained and lack support for a long trip. A darker color would be better suited. February 28, 2012
more than I expected More than I expected and I expected a lot. The only downside is range because I want to drive Sparky everywhere. February 28, 2012
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