2016 370Z-Coupe 370Z<sup>®</sup> Sport Tech

2016 370Z-Coupe 370Z®Sport Tech

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    2016 370Z® Coupe 370Z® Sport Tech


    3.7-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 aluminum-alloy engine

    The 370Z® is powered by the 4th-generation VQ V6 engine. With 3.7-liter displacement for massive muscle, this 332-hp dynamo features advanced Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL®) technology that continuously tunes valve lift and timing for quicker response and a broader torque curve, while optimizing fuel efficiency. And while this extensive engineering may sound intriguing on paper, the exhilaration from idle to the 7,500-rpm redline – on the straights or through the corners—is pure magic. [*]

    Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS)

    The 370Z® features Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS) with advanced Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL®) technology that continuously tunes valve lift and timing for quicker response and a broader torque curve. [*]

    6-speed manual transmission with SynchroRev Match®

    This groundbreaking technology monitors the 6-speed manual’s clutch pedal, shift lever and vehicle speed. As you shift to a lower gear, the system will “blip” the throttle to the ideal engine rpm for a supremely smooth downshift as you let out the clutch. The system also works when upshifting to give you a smooth flow of power when accelerating. If you want to marvel at modern technology, feel the difference for yourself by turning the system off with a button mounted next to the shift lever.

    7-speed automatic transmission with Downshift Rev Matching

    A 7-speed automatic transmission gives you the best of a manual and an automatic—a wide spread of gearing for heart-pounding acceleration, while still providing improved efficiency and quiet cruising at higher speeds.

    Sport-tuned shock absorbers

    The 370Z® comes equipped with new, sport-tuned shocks giving it a suspension dialed in for more performance.

    Nissan sport brakes

    To keep its 332 hp in check, the 370Z® features massive 14” 4-piston front brakes and 13.8” 2-piston rear brakes—the largest brakes ever offered on a 370Z®.

    Viscous Limited-Slip Differential (VLSD)

    To maintain acceleration during cornering, the Viscous Limited-Slip Differential distributes more power to the rear wheel that has the most traction, helping the car maintain acceleration during cornering.



    19" RAYS® forged alloy wheels

    The 19" RAYS® forged alloy wheels are stronger and lighter than typical cast wheels. [*]

    HID Headlights

    To better illuminate the road ahead, HID xenon headlights provide a brighter, more defined beam pattern than conventional headlights.

    LED Daytime Running Lights

    Make a visual statement with powerful LED Daytime Running Lights. High-intensity lights enhance the look of your 370Z® and increase vehicle presence when the headlights are off.

    LED taillights

    The taillights on the 370Z® have 10 LED lights stacked in a pyramid shape to enhance visibility when driving in lower-visibility situations.

    Front Chin Aero Deflector

    Put on an aggressive face with the front chin aero deflector. The deflector enhances overall aerodynamic performance by decreasing turbulence and increasing rear downforce.

    Body-color Rear Spoiler

    The factory-painted rear spoiler is custom-designed to maximize aerodynamic downforce and increase handling.



    Nissan Hard Drive Navigation System with VGA 7.0" color touch-screen monitor and voice recognition

    This advanced system is so easy to operate. By using the touch-screen or hands-free voice activation, you can find practically anywhere with just an address. Buddy up with the available SiriusXM Travel Link and get info on weather, fuel price, stock information and even movie listings. The high resolution screen helps you navigate while Lane Guidance indicates the correct lane to be in when approaching an interchange or exit [*]

    RearView Monitor

    With the RearView Monitor, when you back-up a discreet color camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle helps you see what’s directly behind you. [*]

    Bose® audio system

    Because even the most dedicated enthusiast might want to listen to something other than the dual-exhaust note, this 370Z® features a Bose® audio system that is custom-engineered for the unique shape of the interior. [*]

    Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)/Active Sound Enhancement (ASE)

    Working through the available Bose® audio system speakers, Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) brings the power of the 370Z®—those growling engine sounds—directly into the cabin. Meanwhile, using strategically placed microphones in the cabin, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) can identify and reduce unwanted low frequency sounds. [*]

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio

    Fully integrated into the audio system of the 370Z®, SiriusXM Satellite Radio offers more than 120 channels of music, talk, sports and children’s programming all in rich digital sound. [*]

    HomeLink® Universal Transceiver

    The transceiver system conveniently consolidates the functions of up to three individual transmitters on the rearview mirror. With the HomeLink® Universal Transceiver the driver is able to control a personalized combination of garage doors, security gates and house lighting. [*]

    Auto-dimming rearview mirror

    The rearview mirror features a sensor that automatically dims the mirror when it detects headlight glare, reducing eye strain and distraction.



    Nissan Advanced Air Bag System

    Nissan Advanced Air Bag System includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt sensors and an occupant-classification sensor. The inflation rate of these dual-stage air bags adjusts depending on crash severity and seat belt usage. [*]

    Driver and passenger side-impact air bags

    Standard side-impact supplemental airbags are built into the seats, so they move with you as you adjust your seat. Standard curtain side-impact supplemental air bags help protect you and your passenger. [*]

    Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

    This standard feature—sometimes called stability control—continuously monitors your steering and braking actions, senses any oversteer or understeer, and compensates by reducing engine speed and/or applying brake pressure to specific wheels. [*]

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    TPMS monitors tires for low inflation pressure, which can shorten tire life and reduce the load-carrying capabilities of the vehicle. [*]

    Active Head Restraints

    Active Head Restraints help reduce the chance of whiplash injuries by moving up and forward toward your head during certain rear end collisions.



    Emergency Road Kit

    • Everything you need for life's little uncertainties.
    • Basic roadside emergency supplies in a zippered nylon bag
    • Contents include: heavy-duty jumper cables, emergency reflective triangle, flashlight with batteries and hands-free stand, duct tape, two screwdrivers, battery terminal cleaner and compact thermal blanket
    • Dealer-installed


    Splash Guards (4-piece set) [*]

    • Save your 370Z® Coupe from an unwelcome mud bath.
    • Contoured to match wheel openings, Splash Guards help prevent dirt and debris from nicking and scratching the finish
    • Add value and style while helping protect the sides of your vehicle
    • Factory-installed


    Carpeted Floor Mats (2-piece set)

    • All Nissan Carpeted Floor Mats are made of high-quality material and are custom-fit.
    • Driver's mat secures with a grommet hole/positioning hook system
    • Floor mat backing is designed to help position the mat in place
    • Factory-installed


    Illuminated Ash Cup

    • An Ash Cup that is hard to miss – especially in the dark.
    • White LED light automatically comes on when the lid is opened
    • Dealer-installed


    Air Bag Anti-theft Bolts [*]

    • Your safety equipment helps keep you safe, so why shouldn't you return the favor?
    • Unique keyed design provides added security
    • Dealer-installed


    Carpeted Trunk Mat [*]

    • Being a trunk isn't easy. Help protect it against wear and tear.
    • Durable, high-density nylon carpet with the Z® logo
    • Non-slip, moisture-resistant backing
    • Factory-installed


    Illuminated Kick Plates (2-piece set)

    • Light up your entrance and protect your front sills.
    • Contoured to match door openings
    • Brushed-aluminum inserts feature an illuminated Z® logo
    • Factory-installed


    First Aid Kit [*]

    • Play it safe with a First Aid Kit with VELCRO® backing so it can secure to carpeted surfaces.
    • Basic first-aid supplies in a convenient, durable, zippered vinyl pouch
    • Contents include: latex-free gloves, adhesive bandages, adhesive tape, sterile gauze, elastic bandage, cleansing towelettes, large-grip super scissors, first-aid cream, tweezers/magnifier and a first-aid instruction booklet
    • Dealer-installed


    License Plate Frames

    • Show your Nissan pride.
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Choice of several finishes, with or without logos (prices may vary)
    • Dealer-installed


    Seat Belt Extender [*]

    • Need a little extra breathing room? The Seat Belt Extender adds up to 8 inches of length.
    • May be used for either the driver or front-passenger seating position
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Cat-back Exhaust System [*]

    • More power and an aggressive exhaust note.
    • 5.3 hp and 2.5 lb-ft of torque increase at the rear wheels
    • Complete mandrel-bent 3-piece, cat-back exhaust system
    • 2.4-inch (60.5mm) pipes
    • 304 stainless steel construction
    • 9 lbs. lighter than stock system
    • Precise bolt-on installation
    • 4.6-inch (117mm) double-walled tips with laser-etched NISMO® logo
    • Provides a more aggressive, sporty sound
    • 50-state emissions legal
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Suspension Stabilizer Kit [*]

    • For a flat ride when it counts.
    • Front: 1.1" (27mm) hollow steel, 5.3mm wall thickness
    • OE: 1.0" (26.5mm), 3.5mm wall thickness
    • Rear: 1.0" (25.4mm) hollow steel, 3.5mm wall thickness
    • OE: 0.9" (24.2mm), 3.0mm wall thickness
    • Increases roll stiffness for quicker turn-in and less body lean
    • Precise bolt-on installation
    • Includes firmer bushings with higher-density rubber
    • Dealer-installed


    Vehicle Cover

    • Custom vehicle cover designed to fit like a glove.
    • Helps protect against UV rays, acid rain and other airborne contaminants
    • Constructed of strong, durable material to repel water and resist mold and mildew
    • Machine-washable
    • Optional Security Cable with Lock available for additional cost
    • Available in two models: Silverguard Plus™ (MSRP $215) and Satin Stretch™ (MSRP $285)
    • Separate NISMO® Vehicle Covers are available for 370Z® NISMO®.
    • Dealer-installed


    Vehicle Cover Cable Lock

    • Keep your Vehicle Cover secure.
    • Easy to install
    • Includes black plastic-coated steel cable, lock and three keys
    • Dealer-installed


    Wheel Locks

    • Four Wheel Locks and coded Wheel Lock socket to help keep your wheels out of the wrong hands.
    • Superior durability, corrosion-resistant
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Suspension Strut and Spring Kit [*]

    • Take your handling to the next level.
    • Tuned and tested by NISMO® engineers specifically for the 370Z®
    • Lowers vehicle by 0.4" (10mm)
    • Provides improved steering response
    • Reduces body lean, pitch and dive
    • Provides neutral, balanced handling
    • Pre-assembled springs and shocks ready for installation
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Graphics Kit [*]

    • Your ride is the real deal, so don't leave anyone guessing.
    • NISMO® Japan-inspired design
    • Durable PVC material
    • Colors made using automotive-quality pigment
    • UV-stable urethane clear coat
    • Includes detailed instructions and squeegee for easy installation
    • Available in Red/Silver/Black and Red/Silver/White
    • Dealer-installed


    Portable Cargo Organizer [*]

    • You can fit more than you think with removable dividers that let you customize the space.
    • Collapsible for easy storage when not in use
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Rear Decklid Spoiler [*]

    • Rev up your Nissan's looks and aerodynamic performance with a genuine, factory-tuned NISMO® spoiler.
    • Track-inspired, based on NISMO® Japan design
    • Made of same quality ABS as OE spoilers
    • Comes pre-painted in factory-matched colors
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Brake Pads, Front and Rear [*]

    • Stopping power that can take the heat.
    • Semi-metallic
    • Heat range: ambient temperature to 600º/700º F
    • Greater braking performance
    • Dealer-installed


    Family Travel Clean-up Kit

    • Life gets messy. Clean up spills and splatters on the go.
    • Basic cleaning supplies in a zippered nylon bag
    • Contents include: hand sanitizer, cleansing towelettes, clean-up wipes, plastic utility bags, paper scoop, plastic gloves, cold pack, air deodorizer, motion sickness bags, fabric cleaning wipes, cleaning brush and tissues
    • Family Travel Clean-up Kit refill available for MSRP $5
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Carpeted Floor Mats (2-piece set) [*]

    • All Nissan Carpeted Floor Mats are made of high-quality material and are custom-fit.
    • Features NISMO® and Z® logos
    • Driver's mat secures with a grommet hole/positioning hook system
    • Floor mat backing is designed to help position the mat in place
    • Dealer-installed


    Nose Mask [*]

    • Help keep your Z® looking like new with a premium leather-grain vinyl Nose Mask.
    • Soft-felt polyester-lined to prevent abrasion
    • 1-piece design
    • Dealer-installed


    NISMO® Shift Knob, Carbon Fiber – Open "O" [*]

    • Shift your ride into high gear.
    • Laser-etched NISMO® logo
    • Reduced height for shorter throw
    • Precise thread-on installation
    • Finisher and 6-speed shift pattern decal included
    • Manual transmission-only
    • Available in Black Aluminum, Titanium or Chrome
    • Dealer-installed


    Nissan Valve Stem Caps (4-piece set)

    • Show your Nissan pride.
    • Inert ABS plastic material helps caps screw on and off with ease
    • Rigorously tested to resist salt spray and corrosion
    • No interference with Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    • Designed to be hand-tightened
    • Dealer-installed


    Nissan Chrome License Plate Frame and Valve Stem Caps Package

    • Show your Nissan pride.
    • License Plate Frame features stainless steel construction and chrome finish
    • Valve Stem Caps screw on and off with ease
    • Valve Stem Caps do not interfere with TPMS and are designed to be hand-tightened
    • Dealer-installed





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