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Nissan Mission Statement

The power of movement. The thrill of being in the driver’s seat. Innovation without reservation. This is the promise built into every Nissan car, truck, SUV, sports car and EV — one that’s fulfilled every time you take the wheel.

Conceptual Nissan Hyper Tourer showcasing innovative design.

Drive to innovate

Since the beginning, Nissan’s history is one of innovation without reservation and a willingness to do what others don’t dare to do. Nissan has an impressive track record of innovations, one that has greatly impacted the auto industry and the lives of drivers worldwide.

Nissan Z's rear, highlighting its distinctive back light.

Built to excite

Nissan makes owning a car exciting and amazing. It knows the power of movement and the thrill of being in the driver’s seat.


At Nissan, more is all we do. So go ahead — get the action, the adventure and the fun you want, and then some.

Front view of the copper Nissan ARIYA electric vehicle.


Going electric

After 75 years and 12 billion electric miles, it's fair to say we know a thing or two about EVs.  With the ARIYA and Nissan LEAF we're powered in the present to drive into the future.[[1659]]

Datsun vehicles on a curved path highlighting Nissan's legacy.


90+ years of Nissan history

Since debuting in Tokyo in 1933 and arriving in America as Datsun in 1958 Nissan is approaching a century of thrilling drivers and innovation in the industry.

Children playing outdoors with wind turbines, symbolizing a green future.

Nissan Corporate Responsibility

A better future for all

Nissan is committed to creating a sustainable future in all areas of its businesses by driving innovation to enrich people's lives. 

Outdoor display of a red Nissan Kicks.


Nissan will respect your time and will deliver a personalized experience

We will communicate honestly and transparently, ensuring full understanding of all products, and services to help you make confident buying decisions.

We employ knowledgeable and professional staff that will help you understand  technology, features and connect with your new vehicle.  We are listening and will use your feedback to enhance future experiences.

Nissan Operations

Our Business

Looking for information on Nissan's production plants, career opportunities at Nissan USA or investor information? There’s more to our industry and how we do business than just cars. 

Corporate info

From the boardroom to the freeway, Nissan is committed to changing how you move through the world, as well as how you see it.


Nissan is made up of a richly diverse group of people, as reflected in our leadership team and the numerous corporate outreach programs in which we participate in. Together, we have what it takes to build cars and trucks with the power to change both the way you view the world and the way you move in it.

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Annual Reports
Whether you're an investor, a potential employee or just an interested Nissan owner, we want you to know how we are doing financially. For the most recent financial reports for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., visit Global Investor Relations.

Asset Backed Securities
Visit the Nissan USA Investor Relations page for Asset Back Securities Information.

Nissan designers collaborating on a vehicle prototype.

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