Nissan Ariya EV highlights sustainability outdoors.

Nissan Sustainability

A Better Future for All

Distant view of a serene natural landscape.

Realizing a cleaner, safer, more inclusive society

Building on our company DNA and our purpose of driving innovation to enrich people's lives, our goal is to empower mobility and to create social value for all stakeholders through our longstanding commitment to innovation and our outstanding technological expertise.

EV Vehicles

Electrifying the future

Nissan has set the goal to achieve carbon neutrality across the company’s operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050. As part of this effort, by the early 2030s, every all-new Nissan vehicle offering in key markets will be electrified. [[3576]]

White Nissan Leaf beside a home charging unit. Copper Nissan Ariya EV beside a home charging unit.

The Nissan LEAF (left) and the ARIYA. Nissan's all-electric vehicles.

Two images: a Nissan technician and Nissan ARIYA's safety feature.


Reducing fatalities

Nissan will continue to develop driver assistance and intelligent technologies to lower fatalities and provide greater mobility options for all.

Rear view of a blue Nissan Ariya.


ESG Data Book

Nissan aims to become a truly sustainable company that plays a vital role for its customers, shareholders, employees, as well as for communities, and all other stakeholders. We aspire to achieve a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world for everyone.

Environmental awards

Nissan Green Program features Leaf and technician at work.


Accelerating efforts to address environmental issues

Our Nissan Green Program addresses our priority environmental topics of climate change, resource dependency, water preservation and air quality.

Two volunteers wearing Nissan T-shirts and smiling.


Enriching lives

Our commitment to building a culture of belonging for everyone extends from our employees across the Americas to our suppliers, dealers, customers and community partners.

Safety awards and accolades

Additional Resources

Red Nissan Versa showcases Safety Shield 360 while driving.

Safety Shield 360 [[3890]] [[1381]]

Safety Shield 360 includes six features that monitor ahead, behind, and on either side of your Nissan and can, in some cases, automatically take action.

Nissan Snug Kids shows a vehicle's interior with child safety seat.

Snug Kids®

An industry-first program introduced by Nissan, Snug Kids is geared toward safety for children in child restraint systems (CRS), commonly referred to as "child safety seats".