Crossover Performance

The Nissan ARIYA transforms capability, taking power, control and comfort to the next level – all on a new EV platform [[3369]]

Nissan ARIYA on a curved mountain road at night

The power to push boundaries[[1461]]


Nissan ARIYA in Sunrise Copper on snowy mountain road

The Nissan ARIYA equipped with e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive can change everything you think an EV is capable of. The dual electric motors make ARIYA eye-popping quick, stable, and agile on practically any surface. But it's the precision handling that takes capability to a new level. The ability to transfer 100% power from the front to the rear wheels delivers exacting command. The independent wheel torque control helps counteract over or under-steer. In addition, e-4ORCE manages vehicle motion as soon as the brakes are applied, giving everyone on board a smooth, seamless ride. Buckle in and experience the thrill of All-Wheel Drive. With e-4ORCE, you have new territory to explore. [[1461]][[1519]]

Capability Redefined

Customize the Nissan ARIYA to match your mood and the road conditions. [[3369]]


Nissan ARIYA front view focus on wheel cornering

Sport Mode

The exhilaration starts here. Select Sport Mode and the response gets tighter, sharper. When your environment changes, opt for Eco Mode or Snow Mode. [[3369]]

Frequently Asked Questions

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