Nissan ARIYA Range, Charging & Batteries

Through constant innovation, the Nissan ARIYA is challenging convention. Change how you drive, and the world around you changes too.

Drive something that takes your breath away [[3369]]


Nissan ARIYA overhead view cornering in a scenic environment

Start with the perfect fit

Two different battery sizes. Two different drivetrains, two-wheel drive or the breakthrough e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive. With each combination, the ARIYA delivers an estimated range, from standard to long. [[1461]][[1486]]

Keep the energy high and the expectations higher. Explore for miles with the power of electricity. [[1484]]


Nissan ARIYA smartphone displaying charging information

Charging smart

Schedule home charging from your compatible smartphone and choose times when electricity costs are lower. [[1189]][[48]][[1519]][[1479]]

Charging on the go

Intelligent Route Planner can monitor your remaining charge and locate fast charging stations along the way. [[153]][[1189]][[1519]]

Nissan ARIYA touch-screen showing Intelligent Route Planner
Nissan ARIYA with charging port with cable connected

Charging at home

Charge your Nissan ARIYA at home and plug into the easy life with a 240-volt charging cable. [[3]] Wave “goodbye” to gas stations. [[1519]]

Every Nissan ARIYA comes with perks — zero tailpipe emissions is just the beginning.


No gas

For many, this is the clincher. You can get lower running costs (electricity versus gas) and the satisfaction of making a difference.

Lower maintenance costs

Because an electric motor has fewer moving parts than a conventional combustion engine, you can avoid costly engine maintenance. And those regular oil changes and tune-ups? Gone. For good.

Additional savings

Depending on where you live, you may qualify for a potential federal tax credit. State, local governments, even utilities can offer rebates and incentives, including popular HOV lane access. [[108]][[109]]

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Driver Assist & Safety Technologies [[1519]]
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