Nissan SUV showing trunk space

Tips for carrying cargo in vehicles

There are lots of features, accessories, and methods that can help contribute to effectively carrying cargo for your job. For instance, if you need to carry samples locked in your trunk, a cargo organizer might be in order. Or if you're looking to keep your tools safe in your trucks, you might want to explore upfit storage solutions. [[23]]

Important things to look for when exploring vehicles for cargo

Finding your business vehicle when cargo is a priority for your job means that you will have to consider a couple of main priorities. Dimensions, volume, floor materials, and body style are all major contributing to the nature of a business vehicle's cargo experience. [[23]]

Nissan cargo space

Vehicle dimensions and volume

If your cargo is generally smaller and needs a more snug space for transport due to fragility, then you may be set with the rear and trunk of a car. If your cargo is wider, taller, or you have lots to deliver, then checking out a truck with available tie down tracks can help you secure your cargo on the road. Varying cargo needs from day to day can be answered with SUVs, that can change as your job does. [[23]]

Nissan SUV trunk

Interior materials and structure

Interior materials can contribute to how easy unloading and loading cargo is. If your loading surface is rubber, then it is less likely the move during transport, but more difficult to slide cargo along when you get to your destination. On the contrary, if your loading surface is fabric, without tying your cargo down it has a higher chance of sliding around. [[23]]

Looking for a balance?

Nissan SUVs are primed with a balance between versatile seating and cargo spaces. [[23]]

Features for cargo versatility

Standard and available cargo features and accessories can help make your job easier, and let you focus on the main goal:
getting your product where it needs to go.

Nissan fold flat storage space

Fold-flat storage

On some Nissan SUVs, the cargo area can be extended by utilizing the fold-flat rear seating. Adapt on the go to larger loads by simply folding the rear seats into the vehicle floor and maximizing your cargo area's dimensions. [[23]]

Nissan upfits

Upfit Solutions

You know your work, and we have truck upfit solution for what you need. Explore our upfits and see how they can fit your job, from catering to contracting.

Customize your cargo

Explore different ways to transport your cargo for work through Nissan Business & Fleet Upfits & Accessories. [[23]]

No matter what the job calls for

Nissan work vehicle

The 2023 Nissan Rogue has up to 74.1 cu. ft. of cargo space when the rear seats are folded flat to help you easily load and unload your cargo. The available Nissan Intelligent Key and the Motion Activated Liftgate help let you access Rogue with your hands full, and with 6 configurations the available Divide-N-Hide® storage system can help you configure your cargo area for your business needs. [[23]] [[1115]]

2023 Rogue®

With the available Divide-N-Hide system, you have six different ways to organize the 36.5 cubic feet cargo space. [[23]]