Nissan work trucks

Tips for finding a capable work vehicle

Finding a vehicle that matches your capability needs is important for keeping your business efficient and successful. When thinking about capability, it is important to consider how much you need to bring, where you need to bring it, and the way that it needs to be transported. These factors can all be impacted by body style, engine, transmission, and other configuration aspects.

Two kinds of take it all

When bringing significant amounts of cargo, there are two main ways to do so: towing and payload. Generally, a truck or vehicle can tow more than they can carry in their truck bed, and the kind of cargo that travels well in the bed vs. towed behind is different. [[114]][[145]]

Nissan truck towing


If you know that your cargo is longer, wider, or requires an accessory that cannot be handled by your truck bed or interior cargo area alone means that you will need to seek out a work vehicle with impressive towing capabilities and features.[[114]]

Nissan truck bed payload


If your cargo is easily stacked, secured or loaded, like smaller boxes, sod, or even tool boxes and materials, then exploring vehicles with significant payload capacities and organizational accessories might be right for finding the best vehicle for your job. [[145]]

Heavy-duty helpers

Check out Nissan's line-up of capable trucks to give you a hand on the job.

Towing Features and Accessories

Features to help you bring it

Though there are general features to consider when exploring hauling vehicles for your business, such as curb weight, transmission and engine, and the wheelbase, there are some features that are there simply to make your job easier.[[114]]

Nissan Intelligent Around View monitor

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Intelligent Around View® Monitor creates a virtual composite 360º birds eye view to help you see where your trailer is, and helps you back in to the perfect position with rearview guide lines.[[1117]]

Nissan integrated trailer brake control

Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

Available on some models, the integrated Trailer Brake Controller is conveniently mounted on the center dash to let you adjust or instantly activate the trailer brakes to aid directional stability. [[114]]

Not sure what body style you're looking for?

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Do the most with TITAN XD

Nissan TITAN XD for work

When it comes to towing, TITAN XD gives you strength and flexibility. TITAN XD’s available gooseneck hitch was engineered into the frame design from the beginning, giving you the confidence to haul big loads. With a towing capacity up to 11,050 lbs. maximum with the gooseneck hitch and up to 10,900 lbs. maximum towing using a standard tow hitch receiver, you can't go wrong bringing the 2024 TITAN XD to your job site. [[1638]]

2024 Nissan TITAN & TITAN XD

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