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Tips for buying a fuel efficient vehicle

Fuel efficiency is dependent on several factors when it comes to vehicles. Though driving habits can impact fuel efficiency, when looking to purchase or lease it is important to think about body style, engine size and type, and the general size and weight of the vehicle. It is also important to consider how may features the vehicle has, as in some cases they can contribute greatly to fuel consumption. Find the best balance of features, capabilities, and efficiency for your job.

Buy less horsepower

When looking for a fuel efficient work vehicle, smaller engines generally have an advantage. This goes hand in hand with horsepower, number of cylinders, and volume. The less horsepower or cylinders an engine has, the less gas by volume will travel through it per engine cycle—therefore reducing consumption.

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Simplified drivetrain

Complex drivetrains such as 4WD and 4x4 require the engine to push power to all 4 wheels in order to generate motion. By simplifying your drivetrain to 2WD (forward or rear focused), the engine only needs to redirect that energy to two wheels, generally resulting in higher efficiency.

Nissan gearshift

The more gears, the better

A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides simple, efficient power delivery creating better fuel economy than traditional transmissions. It uses a steel belt or chain and a pulley system to move up and down the gear ratio in continuously smooth motion, providing seamless, stronger acceleration and increased fuel economy.

Mileage in mind

Explore the full lineup of Nissan vehicles based on mileage.

Features For better fuel economy

Although extras can work against your vehicles fuel economy, some features can be built in to help you out. When picking your work vehicle based on efficiency, keep in mind that heavier features will add to the overall curb weight of the car, SUV or truck and draw more power from the engine.

Nissan cruise control

Cruise Control

Working as hard as you do from your early morning commute to your end-of-day drive and everything in between, cruise control helps you keep a constant speed and helps to avoid unnecessary slowing and speeding up which draw on the engine. 

Nissan navigation


By setting your delivery route long in advance, avoid driving around searching for your destination and wasting fuel. Having a navigation system or smartphone capability can help with this. [[1189]]

Built for Rideshare

Mileage and efficiency are super important when it comes to ridesharing.

There's never been a better time to go electric

Instant handling, low maintenance, and zero fuel costs—that's what driving an electric vehicle for your job looks like. The Nissan LEAF is an all-electric vehicle, its motor doesn’t require gas at all. It’s not a hybrid—instead it gets the energy it needs to drive the electric motor between its front wheels from the large lithium-ion battery mounted along the floor of the car. [[3383]]

Efficient Nissan LEAF

If you're looking for peak efficiency in your work vehicle, find it in the Nissan LEAF®. [[3383]]

Keep on patrol and not at the pump

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