Why Nissan Work Trucks?

Pave your way by picking Nissan

From mowing lawns to curating landscapes, outdoor work with horticulture and the environment needs versatility. Nissan trucks bring just that in size, payload, towing, and features to help you on your jobs big or small. And, you can work with a dealer or Commercial Sales Manager to customize and upfit your truck to your landscaping and lawncare needs.

Best Nissan Vehicles for Landscaping and Lawncare Professionals

Nissan TITAN for landscaping

Nissan TITAN®

Nissan Frontier for landscaping

Nissan Frontier

Payload for Landscaping and Lawncare Trucks

Flower bed takes on a whole new meaning

Proper storage for your tools and materials is vital for intensive yard work. Both TITAN and Frontier have customizable truck beds with upfits and accessories to ensure that the space fits your needs.[[23]]

Towing Capacity for Landscaping and Lawncare Trucks

Why tow less when you could tow a mower?

Whether it be larger machinery, towable toolboxes, or unruly materials, sometimes a truck bed just won't cut it. Check out the towing capacities of Frontier and TITAN to find your fit.

TITAN for Landscaping and Lawncare

Leaf it to TITAN

Bigger jobs call for more capability, and the Nissan TITAN is there to answer. Build with hard work in mind, the TITAN is loaded with innovative technology inside and out, from towing assistance to Safety Shield® 360, to make your job easier and keep your site a little bit safer. [[1381]]

 Blue Nissan TITAN towing excavator
Snow plow truck aftermarket upfit

A Little Extra With TITAN XD®

Make your off-season snow much greater

Make the most of your off-season by playing to the elements. Common off-season jobs for landscapers include seasonal lighting and firewood management, with the most popular being snow removal. Explore snowplows and other aftermarket accessories for your TITAN or the commercially reinforced TITAN XD to keep your clients engaged over the winter months.[[1217]][[6]]

Frontier for Landscaping and Lawncare

Explore the Frontier of your business

As a lawncare specialist, whether your're just starting or have been an expert for years, Frontier is ready to be your apprentice. With plenty of capacity to carry irrigation materials and an available Utili-track® channel system to help secure your mower, leave no stone unturned when it comes to being prepared for your work site.[[23]]

Nissan Frontier
Person researching Nissan inventory on tablet


Get to know every aspect of buying a new Nissan or a certified pre-owned Nissan for your business at your own pace and convenience. Participating Buy@HOME dealers can be found by looking for the red BUY@HOME button. Not all inventory is available for BUY@HOME online purchase. [[3355]]

Nissan Business Advantage

Get your fleet or small business vehicles on the road with the help of a Commercial Sales Representative or Dealer and invest in the Nissan Business Advantage. With support from before the purchase through to roadside assistance and priority maintenance, Nissan is committed to helping move your business forward.[[98]]