As a Nissan Dealer, you are an exceptionally important part of the Nissan Business & Fleet program. Looking for information about the program, how it works, and its benefits for you? Check out these resources and explore the Nissan Fleet portal to learn it all.

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Nissan Fleet Portal

With both a customer and dealer facing side, all you need to manage your business and fleet program can be found at the Nissan Fleet Portal.

Obtaining Fleet Sales Assistance & Benefits

Dealer Fleet Benefit Form

Fleet sales assistance is obtained through:

  • Invoice Crediting: Available only for vehicles that are ordered through the NNA National Fleet Sales Department.

  • NissanNet Incentive Requests: Automatically paid upon the submission of the report of fleet sale via the NNA computer system (RDR). Available for vehicles sold from dealer inventory to previously certified fleet accounts. Payment made through electronic funds transfer.

  • Request for NNA Fleet Program Benefits Form: Available for all other manual fleet transactions and paid through electronic funds transfer. Completed from should be sent or faxed (615-725-6234) to the National Fleet Sales Department for processing.


Nissan Fleet Certification Code

How does a customer get a Fleet Certification Code?

In addition to completing an application, the fleet customer must provide a completed W9 form and copies of the DMV registrations for a minimum of five vehicles registered in the name of the company and in company service.

How does the Fleet Certification numbering process work?

Certification numbers include a descriptive alpha prefix character and five numeric digits. Each category is shown below.
B12345 B = Business Fleet
L12345 L = Leasing Company
R12345 R = Car Rental Company
G12345 G = Government Agency or Public Utility
Certification Numbers for Corporate Accounts and Licensees

Corporate: two alpha characters followed by four zeros, e.g., avis = av0000. this format will be used for all corporate accounts.

Licensees: two alpha characters, e.g., av for avis, followed by state abbreviation, e.g., ca for California, followed by a two-digit licensee number, hence avca01 would be avis licensee number one from California.

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