As a Nissan Dealer, you are an exceptionally important part of the Nissan Business & Fleet program. Looking for information about the program, how it works, and its benefits for you? Check out these resources and explore the Nissan Fleet portal to learn it all.

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Nissan Fleet Portal

With both a customer and dealer facing side, all you need to manage your business and fleet program can be found at the Nissan Fleet Portal.

Obtaining Fleet Sales Assistance & Benefits

Dealer Fleet Benefit Form

Fleet sales assistance is obtained through:

  • Invoice Crediting: Available only for vehicles that are ordered through the NNA National Fleet Sales Department.

  • NissanNet Incentive Requests: Automatically paid upon the submission of the report of fleet sale via the NNA computer system (RDR). Available for vehicles sold from dealer inventory to previously certified fleet accounts. Payment made through electronic funds transfer.

  • Request for NNA Fleet Program Benefits Form: Available for all other manual fleet transactions and paid through electronic funds transfer. Completed from should be sent or faxed (615-725-6234) to the National Fleet Sales Department for processing.


Nissan Fleet Certification Code

How does a customer get a Fleet Certification Code?

In addition to completing an application, the fleet customer must provide a completed W9 form and copies of the DMV registrations for a minimum of five vehicles registered in the name of the company and in company service.

How does the Fleet Certification numbering process work?

Certification numbers include a descriptive alpha prefix character and five numeric digits. Each category is shown below.
B12345 B = Business Fleet
L12345 L = Leasing Company
R12345 R = Car Rental Company
G12345 G = Government Agency or Public Utility
Certification Numbers for Corporate Accounts and Licensees

Corporate: two alpha characters followed by four zeros, e.g., avis = av0000. this format will be used for all corporate accounts.

Licensees: two alpha characters, e.g., av for avis, followed by state abbreviation, e.g., ca for California, followed by a two-digit licensee number, hence avca01 would be avis licensee number one from California.

Dealer Resources

Program definitions

How does the Nissan Business & Fleet program work for dealers?

The Nissan Business & Fleet program can give dealerships an additional revenue stream by serving Fleet and Business customers in their purchase, lease, attainment, and service needs. Authorized Nissan dealers are eligible to participate, and leasing companies may qualify for basic sales assistance incentives if it executes a lease with a daily rental company that meets the requirements of the Fleet Sales Assistance Program. 

What is a Fleet Sale?

A vehicle is considered sold on the date that the dealership has fully consummated the sales transaction. This is evidenced by executed documents which specify the VIN of the vehicle and verify that the dealership has received or accounted for (valid finance contract, installment note, fleet billing) the full purchase price of the vehicle and a completed application for title/license. Leasing companies must take delivery of the vehicle and execute a lease with a certified fleet account.

What is Courtesy Delivery?

Nissan will automatically pay $300 to the delivering Dealer’s weekly incentive account for distant courtesy delivery of a commercial fleet vehicle. The dealer performing the courtesy delivery must be located a minimum of 100 miles from the selling dealer to qualify for the Courtesy Delivery Fee. Please note that Daily Rental Vehicle Orders are not eligible for Courtesy Delivery. 

What vehicles at my dealership are ineligible for the program?

  • Not sold, delivered and registered to a Nissan certified account.
  • Not kept in service and registered a minimum of six (6) months or 12,000 miles (whichever is first) unless otherwise noted in the Repurchase or Risk contract executed by Nissan and the Fleet Account.
  • Not purchased in volumes or equipped in accordance with the claimed fleet program requirements.
  • Sold and delivered to any individual, company, etc., for the purpose of resale, regardless of when such resale occurs.
  • Prior Nissan-owned company vehicles, excluding show cars, for which no discount has been given.
  • Purchased by dealers at Auction.
  • Paid on or counted in a previous Nissan retail or fleet sales incentive program.
  • Purchased through Nissan's retail lease offers.
  • Sold or leased to Nissan North America, Inc. or any other subsidiaries of Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.
  • Sold to daily rental companies which NNA has agreed to repurchase.
  • Used or previously titled/registered units.
  • Sold to, leased to, or used by the dealership in the normal course of business.

How do I know if a business customer is eligible?

Nissan Business & Fleet programs are available only to those accounts that have received a Nissan fleet certification number. All rules and requirements stated in the Nissan Fleet Certification procedures apply to these programs. In order to obtain the appropriate fleet benefit the account's fleet certification number must be used in all sales reporting. If there is any doubt about the correct fleet certification number, please contact the National Fleet Sales Department at 615-725-0789 for assistance.

Important Information

In-Service Requirement

All vehicles must remain in service for at least six months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) unless stated otherwise in the Repurchase or Risk Contract executed between Nissan and the Fleet Account.

Reporting Procedure

Submission of fleet delivery information (via an online RDR – “Sales Type 2”) must be received prior to the program deadlines to substantiate all claims. Fleet delivery information received after the deadline will not qualify. Vehicles delivered to certified fleet accounts must be reported as fleet sales, and must include the customer fleet certification number in the RDR. Refer to the Nissan Retail C&I Bulletin for volume levels for a single Account per program period (a program period is defined as a program year quarter) are eligible for retail payments (including retro bonus) and can be reported as retail sales provided the vehicles are delivered out of dealer stock and are not ordered out of the national fleet pool for sale as fleet vehicles. Any units in excess of the volume levels on the Nissan Retail C&I Bulletin are ineligible for retail payments and must be reported as fleet sales (which are eligible for fleet incentive payments). This may entail contacting the Fleet Department if a fleet certification number does not currently exist. Please note that all vehicles sold to a fleet account that has entered into a contract with the NNA National Fleet Department should be RDR’d as a Fleet Sale.

Review/Audit Procedures

Nissan will compare delivery information reported via an online RDR (“Sales Type 2”) against vehicle registration data. Nissan reserves the right to inspect dealership, leasing company, and rental company records during normal business hours and to question and/or disqualify any sales made or reported that are not in accordance with the program rules. Such a review is not an audit and does not preclude an audit at a later date. All payments and/or awards made under these programs are subject to such future audit and possible chargeback. Failure to submit records to Nissan for audit purposes may result in disqualification from programs and charge back of all benefits paid.

Federal or State Income Tax Liability

Any income tax liability imposed on the value of the fleet allowances received will be the sole responsibility of the recipient and not of Nissan.

Program Payment Expiration Date

The 2020 model program payments will expire nine (9) months after retail sale date. All fleet incentives must be claimed before the expiration date or they will become ineligible. 

Final Decision

In all matters relating to the interpretation of application of any rule or phase of this program, the decision of Nissan shall be final. Nissan also reserves the right to cancel, revise, amend or revoke these programs at any time due to reasonable business considerations or to circumstances beyond its control.