Nissan Business Fleet LEAF for Courier Delivery

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Best Vehicles for Couriers and Parcel Delivery Workers

From the road to the delivery site, Nissan commercial vehicles can help keep you connected and on top of your schedule while keeping your packages secure. Discover the wide range of features available for your parcel delivery fleet needs.

Nissan  LEAF

2024 Nissan LEAF®

Nissan Rogue

2024 Nissan Rogue®

Rogue and LEAF for Couriers and Parcel Delivery

MPG and Cargo

Maximize your time with fuel efficient Nissan courier vehicles. Find flexibility with Nissan Rogue and LEAF's impressive cargo space to keep parcels neat and organized. 

Nissan  LEAF Cargo


Nissan LEAF

CU.FT. [[22]] 

The 2024 Nissan LEAF offers flexible cargo space with 23.6 cu. ft. with all seats up and 30 cu. ft. with the rear seats down. Available cargo covers can hide packages from prying eyes while dropping off goods, and can swing up when opening the rear liftgate for easy transport. [[22]]

Nissan Rogue Cargo


Nissan Rogue

CU.FT. [[22]] 

With up to 72.9 cu.ft of cargo space, the 2024 Rogue has plenty of cargo space to fit parcels and packages of all shapes and sizes. [[23]]

Integrate your business


Staying connected to your team and your clients is a huge part of your job. With Apple CarPlay®, NissanConnect® Services, and Android Auto™, you can manage your schedule, contacts, and even some between-appointment entertainment. [[1189]][[115]]


NissanConnect® Services

With access remote connectivity features, and an extra hand in case of an emergency, help is close at hand for your fleet with NissanConnect® services. [[1189]]

Upfits & Accessories

Build Around Your Business

Customizing your fleet is key to the success of your business. Our available upfits and accessories help ensure your vehicles are a perfect fit for your work. Choose from a variety of options to match your business needs. [[1600]]

Nissan Cargo Organizer

Cargo Organizer

Help keep your parcels extra organized with the movable cargo organizer that allows you to customize your space. When you close the lid to conceal your cargo and the seats are folded down, you have a flat cargo floor, providing you with even more space. Made out of sturdy black plastic, water-resistant, durable, and easy to install, the cargo organizer is a great addition to your fleet.

Nissan All Season Cargo Area Protector

All-Season Cargo Area Protector

Help keep your trunk and cargo space clean with the all-season cargo area protector. It's water-resistant, heavy-duty, and made with durable rubber material to help ensure your interior stays pristine. It's also easy to remove and clean. 

Nissan Rear Cargo Area Cover

Rear Cargo Area Cover

The rear cargo area cover can help keep packages covered and important items out of view. It easily mounts and operates, making it a great addition to your fleet vehicles. 

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