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Financing & Leasing

Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC) provides a line of credit (LOC) that is not only customized for your business needs, but also helps streamline your lease or purchase process. Learn about the financing and leasing options Business and Fleet has to offer.

Small fleet

15 or less vehicles

If you are a small fleet, these are the best financing and leasing options for you.

  • Financing
  • SignatureFLEX Lease

Large fleet

16 or more vehicles

If you are a large fleet, this is the best financing and leasing option for you.

  • TRAC Leasing

Steps to owning your fleet


If you are planning on keeping your vehicle or fleet for longer than 4 years, then Nissan financing is a good option for you. Since you own the vehicle, you have more control over how you use it. Follow these steps to get started.


Download NMAC Credit Application

Kick off your financing process with the NMAC Credit Application. In a couple of easy steps, your business can apply for Nissan financing which also features:

  • Pre-approved annual credit limits
  • Competitive market rates
  • Negotiable down payment amounts and officer/owner guarantees
  • No administrative or retention fees to open or maintain it under the NMAC LOC program

Credit Application

Leasing options for your fleet


If you plan on keeping your vehicles for less than 5 years and your usage and mileage will vary, look to Nissan leasing options to find the right fit for you. 


Signature FLEX Lease

Great option if you plan to:


  • Drive a new vehicle every 2 to 3 years
  • Lease and walk away at end of lease term
  • Drive between 5-15,000 miles per year
  • Purchase miles – Available on demand at a 60% discount
  • For tax purposes [[106]]


Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC) uses Connected Car data to deliver more personalized communications to users to alert them how usage relates to the original mileage term. All new leases that started on/after 2/1/23 will have the option to purchase miles during their lease at just $.10/mile.

Nissan Business Fleet NMAC

NMAC Portal

NMAC provides wholesale inventory as well as capital and mortgage financing to Nissan dealers. This includes financing for the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles sold in the United States. 

Compare your Options

Need more info? Use the comparison chart to take a deeper look into details. No matter your needs, see which options works best for you.



• May require a down payment
• Requires monthly payments to pay balance off over loan term

Signature FLEX Lease

• Close-ended, walk-away lease
• Requires monthly payment which pays only a portion of a vehicle’s cost over the lease term

TRAC Lease

• Open-ended lease with the option to buy at lease term end
• Requires monthly payment

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