The Nissan cube is squarely unconventional, with a bold but friendly front grille inspired by a bulldog wearing shades, and huge wraparound windows that offer great visibility. If you’re looking for a unique vehicle that speaks to your individuality, the highly customizable Versa® Note® might just be the perfect fit for you.

Nissan Cube shown in Pearl White

Cube Key Features

Nissan Cube shown in Cayenne Red


The cube gets up to 31 MPG on the highway and 27 MPG in the city,[*] with plenty of get-up-and-go thanks to a responsive 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine. If you’re looking for that perfect combination of efficiency and gusto, the Nissan Versa Note won’t disappoint, with its attractive design and exceptional fuel economy.

Nissan Cube shown in Light Gray Cloth


The cube interior is all about curves: rounded windows, oval-shaped air vents, and a circular headliner design inspired by the ripples of a raindrop. Reclinable tiered rear seats give the interior a lounge-like feel, while customizable, colorful trim and lighting options add a hefty dose of personality. If this sounds like you, the racquet-sport inspired Versa Note offers plenty of charm of its own. You could choose red or carbon-fiber look accents in the Versa Note Color Studio®.

Nissan Cube Exterior highlighting Rear Cargo


The back door opens like a refrigerator to make loading and unloading a lot easier. Also, the cube offers over 58 cubic feet of space [*] for your legs. You can even fold the back seats to make all that cargo space easily accessible. With available accessories like colorful door bungees and utility pouches, the cube offers tons of spots to stash small items too. If smart storage is what you’re after, check out the Versa Note’s cargo space. There’s even a Divide-N-Hide® Adjustable Floor, for extra space underneath the floor that’s perfect for keeping valuables out of sight. [*]

Cube Interior & Exterior Photos

Nissan Cube Exterior shown in Sapphire Black
Nissan Cube Exterior, rear profile, shown in Pearl White
Nissan Cube Exterior, side profile, shown in Pearl White
Nissan Cube Exterior, shown in
Nissan Cube Exterior shown in Brilliant Silver
Nissan Cube interior in Light Gray Cloth
Nissan Cube Interior in Light Gray Cloth, highlighting rear seating
Nissan Cube with Utility Pouch
Nissan Cube with Ripple Theme Interior
Nissan Cube with Ripple Hooks
Nissan Cube with Shag Dash Topper
Nissan Cube with Door Bungees