How to pair your phone

Pairing your smartphone to your Nissan vehicle only takes a few moments. Here's all the information you need to get connected in your vehicle.

Device compatibility

Quickly and easily determine whether your device and vehicle are Bluetooth compatible with model-specific setup guides, details on supported features and more.

Connect to Bluetooth

Connecting your Bluetooth-enabled device to your Nissan vehicle is designed to be a simple and intuitive experience. Follow these quick setup instructions to get connected.

Help & FAQs

Experiencing problems connecting to Bluetooth in your Nissan vehicle? Explore the following FAQ categories to get detailed answers to the most common connectivity concerns.

Additional FAQ categories

Voice recognition

Find helpful solutions to problems or issues with your vehicle's voice-recognition software as it relates to Bluetooth-enabled features.

About Bluetooth

Get detailed information regarding Bluetooth compatibiltity by phone and vehicle, Bluetooth adapters, chargers and much more.

System & features

Having difficulty accessing particular Bluetooth features?
Experiencing connectivity problems while driving? Read on for some helpful solutions.

Phone & SMS

Having trouble accessing the contacts in your phone book or disconnecting from a Bluetooth-enabled call? Find help here.

Audio & music

Need help with audio echo, phone call quality or music streaming? Get your audio quality up to high standard.