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Nissan Door to Door Navigation [*]

This integrated system reaches across devices and locations to meet all your navigation needs. At home, on the road and in most circumstances, those last few steps.

Pre-plan your trip with your home computer then share it with your Nissan’s onboard navigation system, helping you get where you are going quickly and easily. Once you park, the companion mobile app can take you to that “last mile” by providing guidance on a walking route right to your final destination.

Search for addresses and points of interest, and set saved locations for your home and work. The Find My Car feature means you always know not only the area where you parked, but in most circumstances can give you guidance on walking directions right back to it.

Key Features:

Route Pre-Planning
The Nissan Door to Door Navigation website allows you to access all the features of the system before you even leave the house. Search for your destination, check real-time traffic information and save and share your route with your Nissan vehicle. Save time and be ready to go as soon as you get in the car.

Complimentary Map Updates
Driving with an outdated map can greatly affect your journey. Keep your navigation system up-to-date with map updates that can be made over the air via Wi-Fi or by using your computer and a USB drive.

Need a hand loading those map updates into your navigation system? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Mobile Integration
Getting to your final destination is a breeze with the Nissan Door to Door Navigation smartphone app. Remember the area where you parked with the Find My Car feature and in most circumstances receive a walking route to your final destination.

Premium Traffic
With real time routing, detailed traffic incident information and reliable arrival times, drivers can rely on Nissan Door to Door Navigation to know not just where they are going, but when they’ll get there too.

Not sure what navigation system you have? Click here.

Do you have input on our navigation maps? Help us and other drivers keep the maps up to date! Report a map change here.

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