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NissanConnect® EV

Designed especially for the Nissan LEAF®, the NissanConnect® EV mobile app (formerly known as CARWINGS®) allows Nissan LEAF® drivers to access many of the unique features of their zero emission electric vehicle directly from their mobile device. [*]

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NissanConnect® EV makes being a driver of a car that never needs to stop for gas even more convenient. Get a quick update on your estimated available driving range or plan your route for a long journey based on charging station locations along the way. Set the charging and climate control timers so that every morning you climb into a full-charged LEAF at the desired temperature for your commute. You can even remotely turn on your LEAF® climate control and your vehicle will adjust to a comfortable cabin temperature.

LEAF® drivers require an active subscription to access the features of NissanConnect® EV but it is complimentary for the first three years of ownership of a new Nissan LEAF®. NissanConnect® EV is available for download on compatible iPhones and Android devices.

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Intelligent Mobility is Nissan’s long term initiative to transform how vehicles are powered, driven, and integrated into society.

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With the NissanConnect® EV app, you can:

  • Find a nearby charging station - Every month the NissanConnect ® EV system in your LEAF updates the location of every charging station within 100 square miles of your home location. It even narrows the search to a smaller area of 18.75 square miles if the charge of your battery drops below 4kWh.

  • Check your battery charge and remotely start a charge - Use the app to view how much charge remains on your LEAF®, and if the vehicle is attached to a charging station, start charging right from your phone.

  • Receive charging notifications - Want to know when a charge is complete or get a reminder when your LEAF® needs a recharge? NissanConnect® EV can provide you with an alert for those, you can even set a reminder to plug it in daily.

  • See your estimated driving range - Wouldn’t it be useful to know roughly how far you can travel on your remaining charge while planning your next destination? NissanConnect® EV can tell how much of the LEAF®’s estimated 107 mile range with its 30 kWH battery [*] remain.

  • Adjust the LEAF®'s Climate Controls - By allowing access to your LEAF®'s heating and cooling systems from your mobile device, you can make sure that the temperature in your LEAF is always right where you like it.