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Want to learn more about Destination Assistance on NissanConnect Services? Explore the full benefits to find out what it can add to your journey.

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The name, category, address and phone number of a POI will be sent to your Nissan following the results of an Assisted Search. [[2839]]

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The Assisted Search feature can help you locate Points of Interest throughout the continental United States. [[2839]]

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  1. How do I get Started Using NissanConnect Services?

    If you purchased your vehicle new, you may have a trial available, but you will need to enroll to take advantage of the trial. It’s never been easier to get started, just choose an option and follow the steps below.  

    Ask your dealer to enroll you at your time of purchase OR

    Rather enroll on your own time? You can also find us on the app store.
    1. Download the NissanConnect Services App.
    2.  Login/Register for a MyNISSAN Owner Portal Account.

  2. What is Destination Assistance and how do I access it?

    Destination Assistance is a feature you can use from your Nissan that allows you to find Points of Interest and access the location in your vehicle or send directions to your Nissan Navigation System.  Destination Assistance is accessed by touching the headset icon on the menu display or by navigating to the "Program" menu in the vehicle and choosing "Connect to Voice Menu." You can say the name of the destination or the address of the location, and the interactive voice response system or Live assistance, depending on model/trim, will send the destination to your Nissan Navigation System.

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