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Door to Door Navigation feature benefits

Want to learn more about the Nissan Door to Door Navigation on NissanConnect? Explore the full benefits to find out what it can add to your journey.

Nissan Door to Door Navigation Route Pre-Planning Feature

Route Pre-Planning

Your navigation system uses precise street and highway information to conveniently get you where you want to go.

Nissan Door to Door Navigation Find My Car Feature

Find My Car

Never lose your car again – whether you're at a concert, a sports stadium, the mall or anywhere in between – with directions and navigation back to where you parked.

Nissan Door to Door Navigation Last Mile Navigation Feature

Last Mile Navigation

Turn-by-turn guidance to your final destination after you park your car.

Premium Traffic

Get accurate traffic data straight to your Nissan vehicle's interior display, helping you to navigate busy routes.

Complimentary Map Updates

Update navigation maps by connecting your vehicle to your home Wi-Fi network, or use a USB memory device to update via our Map Update Tool on PC.

Quick Start Steps

Your navigation system is easy to set up and use. We’ll walk you through every step of the way.

Getting Started

Create account

Follow these easy steps to begin enjoying the benefits of Nissan Door to Door Navigation.

Download the app

Download the Nissan Connect Door to Door Navigation app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Create your user account

Personalize your experience with a unique user account that allows you to save your most frequently-traveled destinations for quick access.

Nissan Door to Door User Account

Connect phone

Looking for assistance in pairing your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to your Nissan vehicle?

Connect phone to vehicle

Establish a Bluetooth® connection between your vehicle navigation system and your smartphone. With your phone’s Bluetooth turned on and your app open and running, the two will pair automatically. To make sure your connection is sound, you’ll be asked to verify a PIN code displayed on both the car’s screen and your phone.

Security - verify connection

Once your devices are connected, you’ll be asked to verify the Door to Door application connection for security as well.

Update maps

Your navigation system uses precise street and highway information to conveniently get you where you want to go. To make sure you’re starting with the most current data, and to keep your maps the most up-to-date, use 'Automatic Map Updates'.

Select map update

From your vehicle’s touchscreen select:
Menu > Information > System Information > Map Update.

Update using Wi-Fi

You’ll want to choose the ‘Update Using Wi-Fi’ option. Now, when your vehicle is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, map updates will automatically download as they become available.

Your navigation system uses precise street and highway information to conveniently get you where you want to go. To make sure you’re starting with the most current data, and to keep your maps the most up-to-date, use 'Automatic Map Updates'.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi access to your car (if you live in an apartment, for example), you can also update your maps periodically using the Nissan Map Update Tool on your PC/Mac and a USB stick. For more information visit: apps.nissan.navshop.com.

Premium Traffic

With your vehicle system and your phone’s Door To Door Navigation app paired, go to 'Navigation Settings' on your car’s touchscreen.
Traffic Info Settings > Use Premium Traffic.

Navigation settings

This exclusive feature is where your Nissan navigation system really shines. With real-time routing, detailed traffic incident and backup information – plus reliable delay and arrival times – turning on 'Premium Traffic' not only saves time, but also makes your drive more enjoyable by helping you avoid congestion and frustrating gridlock.

To get more frequent traffic updates, go back to Traffic Info Settings:

Traffic Info Settings > Premium Traffic > Update Settings > Time Between Updates > Every Two Minutes

Last Mile Navigation and Find My Car

If your Door To Door Navigation app is connected to your vehicle’s navigation system, the 'Last Mile Navigation' feature starts automatically when you leave your car. You’ll receive a notification on your phone giving the address of where you’re parked, and a map with a walking route to your final destination.

Last Mile Navigation

This exclusive Nissan navigation system help you find your way to your final destination and back to your car with walking directions up to 3 miles (5 km) away. So if you can’t park close to where you’re going or forgot where you parked, you’re always covered.

When you are ready to return to your car, tap the 'Locate Car' symbol in the Door To Door Navigation app. Then select 'Walk Here' to get a walking route back to your car from wherever you are. You can also choose 'Navigate To Destination' to share your car location with a different navigation application on your smartphone.

Find My Car

Find detailed instructions on setting up and using your Nissan navigation system – plus other online tools – at the Door To Door Navigation website. For more information, visit apps.nissan.navshop.com.

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NissanConnect Support

Make the most of our NissanConnect features and optimize your driving experience by checking out the FAQs on our NissanConnect Support page. Here are some of the most common customer questions.

  1. What is NissanConnect®?

    Get Connected to the road. To your car. To your community. And to the world. Nissan vehicles feature intuitive technology that gives you greater control over your driving experience, starting with NissanConnect. A suite of advanced features – including (if equipped) NissanConnect Services, Door to Door Navigation, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto– allow you to play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and navigate any city like a local. 

  2. What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

    Nissan Intelligent Mobility guides everything we do. We’re using new technologies to transform cars from mere driving machines into assistants. Together the journey is more confident, connected, and exciting. Whether it’s cars that assist in the driving task, or smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™, controlling your vehicle with just your voice through Amazon Alexa, or the safety, security, and convenience features of NissanConnect® Services, the future has arrived and it’s already available in the Nissan you drive today.

  3. Can I try NissanConnect® before purchasing a vehicle?

    Yes, visit any dealership to see how easy-to-use NissanConnect® really is.

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