Emergency features

Explore the emergency features that help you navigate through the unexpected. From providing swift responses in critical moments to keeping you up to date on situations that require your attention. [[3880]]


Automatic Collision Notification

In the event of a collision, the Automatic Collision Notification feature is meant to seamlessly connect you to assistance when you need it most. Subscription required. [[3880]]

Swift emergency response

Automatic Collision Notification initiates an automatic connection from your vehicle to a NissanConnect Services Emergency Response Specialist following a collision event. Through a hands-free voice call, a live Response Specialist is at your service, ready to assist.

NissanConnect Emergency Call


Emergency Call

Whether you find yourself in a dangerous situation or require emergency services, the "SOS" button in your Nissan vehicle becomes your lifeline.

When you press "SOS," NissanConnect Services doesn't just initiate a hands-free voice call—it goes one step further. Your GPS coordinates, along with essential vehicle details like make, model and color, are promptly transmitted to our live Response Specialists, enabling our team to direct emergency services precisely to your location. Subscription required. [[3880]]

MyNissan App showing alarm notification


Alarm Notification

Stay ahead of potential security concerns with Alarm Notification. This feature ensures you stay informed whenever your Nissan's factory alarm is triggered.

Customize your experience by choosing to receive real-time alerts through email, text and/or push notification—ensuring you're in-the-know even when you're outside the audible range of the alarm. [[3880]]

Nissan Rogue Emergency Features

Which Nissan vehicles have emergency features?

Visit the Package Availability page to find out which vehicles are equipped with emergency features.

Related features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.

Stolen Vehicle Locator with Ignition Blocking

Helps the police locate your vehicle and disable your vehicle if it is stolen. [[3880]]

Connection to Roadside Assistance

Connect with a Response Specialist who can direct towing or other services to your location. [[3880]]

Speed Alert

Get an alert if your Nissan vehicle is driven faster than the speed limit you set. [[3880]]


Questions about emergency features?

Explore frequently asked questions about emergency features.

Are there any limitations surrounding Automatic Collision Notification or Emergency Call?

Automatic Collision Notification is dependent on an operational device in the vehicle, GPS and cellular coverage.

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Get everything from important owner information, to roadside emergency assistance, to vehicle functions like remote start and more—all through the MyNISSAN app. [[3880]] [[97]]


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