EV charging features

Get important alerts and up-to-date charging info for your electric vehicle on your compatible smartphone. [[3880]]

Nissan LEAF charging at public station


Charging Station Information

Need to charge your Nissan LEAF or ARIYA?

Charging Station Information provides you with a list of charging stations sorted by both distance and charger type with direction and phone information. [[3880]]

Nissan ARIYA Remote Charging


Remote Charging for your ARIYA

Remotely start your charge, or create a schedule and set your Nissan ARIYA to start charging on specific days and times through the MyNISSAN app.[[3880]]

Nissan LEAF charging port

LEAF charging highlights

Use the NissanConnect® EV & Services app to begin charging your Nissan LEAF® anytime you want. If you are plugged in, there is no need to physically go to your vehicle or charge station unless you are using a fast charger.


Stay on top of charging your LEAF

Effortlessly monitor your Nissan LEAF's power with intelligent features.

Plug-In Reminder

You can receive a reminder to plug in your Nissan LEAF with an automatic email and/or push notification through the NissanConnect EV & Services app on your compatible smartphone and smartwatch. [[3880]]


Which app do I use to manage my electric vehicle?

Depending on whether you own a Nissan ARIYA® or a Nissan LEAF®, you can download the companion app on your compatible smartphone to manage the unique features of your electric vehicle.

MyNissan App showing remote functionalities for ARIYA

Different vehicles, different apps

Download the MyNISSAN app—available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play—to connect with your ARIYA, access remote vehicle functionality and more. [[3880]]

Nissan package availability

Which Nissan electric vehicles have charging features?

Visit the Package Availability page to find out which electric vehicles are equipped with Charging features. 

Related features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.

Remote Climate Control On/Off

Remotely turn the climate control on and off in your electric vehicle. [[3880]] [[97]]

Remote Battery Status

Check your percent charge, plug in status, time until charge complete and drive range. [[3880]] [[1316]]

Estimated Driving Range

See an estimated driving range of how many miles your electric vehicle can go on its existing charge. [[3880]]


Questions about charging features?

Explore frequently asked questions about charging features.

What is the difference between the NissanConnect® EV & Services app and the MyNISSAN app?

The NissanConnect® EV & Services app is designed exclusively to manage the unique features of the Nissan LEAF, while the MyNISSAN app helps owners of all other Nissan vehicles—including the ARIYA—get the most out of their ownership experience.

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