EV remote features

Want the perfect temperature before you get in? Or maybe you want to start a charge remotely? Do all that and more through your compatible smart device.

Unlock the full potential of your electric journey with Nissan's seamless remote features, ensuring you're always in control of your zero-emission vehicle.[[3880]] [[154]]

NIssanConnect Remote Climate Control Video Overview

Discover Remote Climate Control

Before you leave home or work, log in to the MyNISSAN app to remotely check, schedule or set your ARIYA's cabin temperature so it's comfortable before you step in.

Learn about Remote Climate Control and how to control the features of your electric vehicle on your compatible smartphone.

NIssanConnect Remote Climate Control on app

Climate control features

Remotely turn the climate control on and off in your Nissan LEAF or ARIYA with Remote Climate Control On/Off.

NissanConnect Cabin Temperature Control


Nissan LEAF cabin temperature features

Remotely check the temperature inside your NISSAN LEAF. The Check Cabin Temperature feature is accessible via the NissanConnect EV & Services app or NissanConnect EV Skill with Amazon Alexa.

Nissan ARIYA

Battery status features

Charge your Nissan ARIYA with confidence using Remote Battery Status. Check your percent charge, plug in status, time until charge complete and drive range from the convenience of your compatible smartphone.

NissanConnect ARIYA charging port

Remote charging features

Remotely start or stop your charge, or create a schedule and set your Nissan ARIYA to start charging on specific days and times.


Which app do I use to manage my electric vehicle?

Depending on whether you own a Nissan ARIYA® or a Nissan LEAF®, you can download the companion app on your compatible smartphone to manage the unique features of your electric vehicle.

MyNISSAN app showing remote functionalities for ARIYA

Different vehicles, different apps

Download the MyNISSAN app—available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play—to connect with your ARIYA, access remote vehicle functionality and more.[[3880]]

Nissan LEAF

Which Nissan electric vehicles have remote features?

Visit the Package Availability page to find out which electric vehicles are equipped with remote features.

Related features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.

Charging Station Information

Get a list of charging stations, sorted by both distance and charger type. [[3880]] [[153]]

Charging Timer

Delay charging until a specified time, helping you take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. [[3880]]

Estimated Driving Range

See an estimated driving range of how many miles your electric vehicle can go on its existing charge. [[3880]]


Questions about remote features?

Explore frequently asked questions about remote features.


Can I set the climate control temperature in the vehicle from the website or smartphone app?

Yes. Vehicle climate controls can be controlled remotely to cool or warm the cabin via the mobile app or the MyNISSAN Owner Portal. The controls can be turned on immediately or set to a schedule. The current cabin temperature can also be viewed.

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