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Search for points of interest (POI)

Search by keyword to locate places—like ATMs, supermarkets and golf courses—near your current location or final destination. You can also find POIs by selecting a category from your NissanConnect display screen. [[2862]]

Display on map

You can display your search results on a map screen to get a better idea of where each POI is located.

Results list

The search results list will display each POI’s name, rating and distance from your current location. You can even sort the list to see it in order of highest rated, or those closest to you.

Google Send to Car

 With Google Send to Car, find your destination before you even leave home. Using your favorite connected device, send an address to your Nissan Navigation System by logging in to the Send to Car website with your MyNISSAN Owner Portal email. When you start your vehicle, select the “Google Send to Car” folder. The address will be delivered and loaded into the navigation system. [[2862]]

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  1. How do I get started using Nissan Mobile Partner App?

    To use music apps, social apps, and other features that come with Nissan Mobile Partner App, you'll need to download the Nissan Mobile Partner app, which works with your vehicle display.
    1. Download the Nissan Mobile Partner app on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay. 
    2. If you already have a MyNISSAN Owner Portal account, select "Sign in"  or select "Create Account" to create a MyNISSAN Owner Portal account and activate Nissan Mobile Partner App for your vehicle.

  2. Once my subscription to Nissan Mobile Partner App expires, will the expiration affect other functionalities of my vehicle?

    No. If your vehicle is equipped with features like a radio, Nissan Navigation system, or Bluetooth technology, they will be unaffected by the expiration of Nissan Mobile Partner App.

  3. Before my subscription to Nissan Mobile Partner App expires, is there anything that I need to do?

    No. Your services will discontinue on the expiration date provided to you. After your subscription ends, we recommend that you delete the Nissan Mobile Partner app from your smartphone.

  4. What is the difference between Nissan Mobile Partner App and NissanConnect Services?

    With Nissan Mobile Partner App, you can pair the app to your vehicle and use a number of third-party apps, like Facebook, on your Nissan’s display screen. NissanConnect Services, if equipped, is a different program that allows you to send remote commands to your vehicle through the NissanConnect Services app, Amazon Alexa, your Google Assistant, or through the MyNISSAN Owner Portal. For equipped vehicles, there will be no impacts to NissanConnect Services with the expiration to Nissan Mobile Partner App.

  5. Once my subscription to Nissan Mobile Partner App expires, will it change the way the third-party apps work on my phone?

    The third party apps on your phone will not be impacted with the expiration of Nissan Mobile Partner App.

NissanConnect Mobile App

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