Feature benefits

Want to learn more about Journey Planner on NissanConnect Services? Explore the full benefits to find out what it can add to your journey.

Create and manage folders

You can create multiple journey folders on the MyNISSAN Owner Portal. First, give each journey its own name, and then enter the addresses of up to four Points of Interest (POI) along your route. You can add or delete stops and send an updated journey to your NissanConnect Services system at any time. [[2839]]

Advanced features

Prefer the scenic route? Advanced features – such as an option to avoid highway travel – can help you design the ultimate journey.

Web portal vs. navigation system

Once your journey plan is sent to your Nissan vehicle, you may notice slight differences from the route outlined on the MyNISSAN Owner Portal. That’s because your Nissan’s navigation system uses your vehicle’s current destination as your actual start point. [[2839]]

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NissanConnect Support

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  1. How do I get Started Using NissanConnect Services?

    If you purchased or leased your vehicle from dealer stock, you may have a trial available, but you will need to enroll to take advantage of the trial. If your vehicle is eligible for a trial, It’s never been easier to get started, just choose an option and follow the steps below.

    Ask your dealer to enroll you at your time of purchase OR

    Rather enroll on your own time? You can also find us on the app store.

    1. Download the MyNISSAN app

    2.  Login/Register for a MyNISSAN Owner Portal Account.

  2. What is Journey Planner and how do I access it?

    Journey Planner allows you to plan road trips in advance before you leave home. Using the MyNISSAN Owner Portal, click the NissanConnect Services link and select the Destinations tab. Enter your starting point and end point, plus up to four waypoints you’d like to visit along the way. Journey Planner will determine your route, calculate driving distance and time, then send your journey seamlessly to the Nissan Navigation System. Once sent, you will need to sync your navigation system feed through the NissanConnect Services Menu to download your journey.

NissanConnect Mobile App

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