Maintenance and alerts features

Enjoy peace of mind with alerts that keep you informed about the status of your Nissan vehicle. [[3880]]

Maintenance Alert

Maintenance Alert helps you stay on top of your Nissan vehicle's maintenance requirements by notifying you when a malfunction indicator light is triggered in your vehicle. [[3880]]


Set notification preferences

Use the MyNISSAN App or MyNISSAN Owner Portal to choose how you would like to receive notifications: by email, text, and/or push.

Vehicle Health Report shown on MyNISSAN App

Maintenance tools

The Vehicle Health Report provides you with a monthly performance evaluation and any recent malfunction alerts triggered by your Nissan vehicle. You can review the detailed report on the MyNISSAN App or MyNISSAN Owner Portal. [[3880]]

Boundary Alert

Stay in control of where your vehicle goes by setting a geographical driving boundary. If your vehicle enters or leaves the boundary you've set, you'll get an immediate notification. [[3880]]


How to set boundaries

Use the MyNISSAN app or MyNISSAN Owner Portal to set your boundaries—simply select an address, enter the desired radius of the boundary, and choose to set arrival, departure, or both.

Curfew Alert

Establish and monitor the time and day when your vehicle should remain off and parked. [[3880]]

MyNISSAN Curfew Alert

At home on time

Use the MyNISSAN App or MyNISSAN Owner Portal to set up your Curfew Alert. Name your alert, select the applicable days of the week, and set the start and end times. You may set two Curfew Alerts at a time. 

Valet Alert shown on MyNISSAN App

Valet Alert

The next time you leave your keys with a parking attendant, enable a Valet Alert using your MyNISSAN app and enjoy the peace of mind that your vehicle isn’t being taken for a joyride.

If your vehicle moves outside the radius that you set, you'll receive a notification via your preferred method (email, text and/or push).

Ready to pick up your Nissan? Just use the app to disable the Valet Alert. [[3880]]

Speed Alert

Stay informed on how fast your Nissan is driven, even when you're not in the driver's seat. [[3880]]


Set speed limits

Use the MyNISSAN App or MyNISSAN Owner Portal to set a speed threshold.

Person checking what vehicles have maintenance and alerts features

Which Nissan vehicles have maintenance and alerts features?

Visit the Package Availability page to find out which vehicles are equipped with maintenance and alerts features.

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Stolen Vehicle Locator

Pinpoint your vehicle's location via GPS and help police recover it, if it is ever stolen. [[3880]]

Connection to Roadside Assistance

Connect with a Response Specialist who can direct towing or other services to your location. [[3880]]

Alarm Notification

Receive email, text and/or push notifications if your Nissan vehicle's alarm is triggered. [[3880]]


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Get everything from important owner information, to roadside emergency assistance, to vehicle functions like remote start and more—all through the MyNISSAN app. [[3880]] [[97]]


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