Vehicle finder features

Discover features that will help you locate your vehicle. Whether you need help remembering where you parked or facing the unexpected challenge of a stolen vehicle, these features help enhance your peace of mind. [[3880]]

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My Car Finder

Need help finding your vehicle in real-time? Try My Car Finder.

Whether you're en route or in a crowded parking lot, this feature puts the power of GPS at your fingertips. Simply open the MyNISSAN app and your vehicle's GPS location will appear on the MyNISSAN app and Owner Portal map. [[3880]]

Stolen Vehicle Locator with Ignition Blocking

Using sophisticated GPS technology, the Stolen Vehicle Locator feature can help pinpoint your vehicle’s location and assist police in locating it in the unfortunate event that it is stolen. Select vehicles are equipped with ignition blocking technology to stop the engine from starting once it has been turned off.

A structured process is in place to streamline the process of vehicle recovery.[[3880]]


File a police report

If your vehicle is stolen, the first step is to promptly alert local law enforcement and file a stolen vehicle police report—a prerequisite for activating the Stolen Vehicle Locator service.

NissanConnect Vehicle Finder availability

Which Nissan vehicles have vehicle finder features?

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Connection to Roadside Assistance

Connect with a Response Specialist who can direct towing or other services to your location. [[3880]]

Alarm Notification

Receive email, text and/or push notifications if your Nissan vehicle's alarm is triggered. [[3880]]

Speed Alert

Get an alert if your Nissan vehicle is driven faster than the speed limit you set. [[3880]]


Questions about vehicle finder features?

Explore frequently asked questions about vehicle finder features.


What technology does My Car Finder use?

The device communicates through a cellular network. Connection and signal strength may vary and be limited by location. 

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Your vehicle's companion

Get everything from important owner information, to roadside emergency assistance, to vehicle functions like remote start and more—all through the MyNISSAN app. [[3880]][[97]]


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