Control your Nissan from the comfort of your home

Need to start your car? Want to lock or unlock your car? Just ask Alexa. Using only your voice, the Nissan Skill for Alexa can help you control some of your favorite vehicle functions as quickly and easily as having a conversation.

Remotely start and stop the engine

"Alexa, start my car."

"Alexa, stop my car."

Remotely lock or unlock vehicle doors

"Alexa, lock my car."

"Alexa, unlock my car."

Remotely sound the horn and flash the lights

"Alexa, ask Nissan to please honk the horn of my Rogue."

"Alexa, ask Nissan to flash the lights of my Murano."

Turn on/off alerts (Boundary/Speed/Curfew)

"Alexa, ask Nissan to turn on my boundary alert."

"Alexa, ask Nissan to turn on my speed alert."

"Alexa, ask Nissan to turn on my curfew alert."

Select a specific vehicle

"Alexa, ask Nissan to select my Rogue."

Ask Alexa to access more features

Full list of Nissan Skill for Amazon Alexa features

  • Door Lock/Unlock 
  • Lock Status
  • Start/Stop Engine
  • Engine Status (Start/Stop)
  • Flash the Lights
  • Horn & Lights 
  • Turn On/Off Speed Alert
  • Turn On/Off Boundary Alert (geofencing)
  • Turn On/Off Valet Alert 
  • Turn On/Off Curfew Alert 
  • Concierge/Personal Assistant
  • Battery Status (EV Only)
  • Remote Charge (EV Only)
  • Set/Update Charging Schedule 
  • Review Charging Schedule
  • Turn On/Off HVAC (EV only)
  • Get Cabin Temperature
  • Set Cabin Temperature
  • Set/Update HVAC Schedule (EV Only)
  • Review Current HVAC Schedule (EV Only)
  • Send a Point of Interest to the Car
  • Check Mileage
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Check Distance to Empty 
  • Get Ready to go (Routine)
  • Good Night (Routine)

Available on

Model (only available on select trims) [[1189]]
Altima, Armada, LEAF, Maxima, Murano, Rogue, TITAN, TITAN XD 2018 or later
ARIYA, Versa, Nissan Z 2023 or later
Frontier 2022 or later
GT-R 2019-2021, 2023 or later
Kicks 2021 or later
Pathfinder 2018-2020, 2022 or later
Rogue Sport  2018-2022
Sentra 2018, 2021 or later
Nissan Alexa Built In Touch Screen Display showing Voice Commands

Want to use Alexa in your vehicle?

You can take Alexa with you on the go in your Nissan. With Alexa built-in, you can ask Alexa to play music, get directions, check the weather, control your smart home, and more, with just your voice – so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. [[1657]]

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