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Twitter feed

The tweets, names and profile pics of everyone you follow will be displayed on your NissanConnect touch-screen. Select a tweet and your car will even read it out-loud so that you can still be in-the-know. [[2839]]

Your tweets

Tweet your thoughts using the touch-screen display. If you’re short on time, choose from a list of customizable pre-loaded tweets.

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Discover the full list of features on each available NissanConnect system. View System Availability & Compare to get the functionality that matters most to you.

NissanConnect Support

Make the most of our NissanConnect features and optimize your driving experience by checking out the FAQs on our NissanConnect Support page. Here are some of the most common customer questions.

  1. How do I get Started Using NissanConnect Mobile Apps?

    To use music apps, social apps, and other features that come with NissanConnect Mobile Apps, you'll need to download the NissanConnect Mobile app, which works with your vehicle display.
    1. Download the NissanConnect Mobile app on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay.
    2. If you already have a MyNISSAN Owner Portal account, select "Sign in" or select "Create Account" to create a MyNISSAN Owner Portal account and activate NissanConnect Mobile Apps for your vehicle.

  2. Once my subscription to NissanConnect Mobile Apps expires, will the expiration affect other functionalities of my vehicle?

    No. If your vehicle is equipped with features like a radio, Nissan Navigation system, or Bluetooth technology, they will be unaffected by the discontinuation of NissanConnect Mobile Apps.

  3. Before my subscription to NissanConnect Mobile Apps expires, is there anything that I need to do?

    No. Your services will discontinue on the expiration date provided to you. After your subscription ends, we recommend that you to delete the NissanConnect mobile app from your smartphone.

  4. What is the difference between NissanConnect Mobile Apps and NissanConnect Services?

    With NissanConnect Mobile Apps, you can pair the app to your vehicle and use a number of third-party apps, like Facebook, on your Nissan’s display screen. NissanConnect Services, if equipped, is a different program that allows you to send remote commands to your vehicle through the NissanConnect Services app, Amazon Alexa, your Google Assistant, or through the Nissan Owners Portal. For equipped vehicles, there will be no impacts to NissanConnect Services with the discontinuation to NissanConnect Mobile Apps. For more information on each of these programs, visit the links below.

  5. Once my subscription to NissanConnect Mobile Apps expires, will it change the way the third-party apps work on my phone?

    The third party apps on your phone will not be impacted with the discontinuation of NissanConnect Mobile Apps.

NissanConnect Mobile App

NissanConnect features

Make the most of everything that NissanConnect has to offer. Check out our dedicated feature pages for more details.

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Want to find out exactly what features are available for the Nissan you desire? Compare our available NissanConnect systems to find the right one for you.

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