Nissan presents TIME Latino Leaders

Drivers of Tomorrow

TIME Latino Leaders

These Latino Leaders are forging new paths and sharing their creativity and talents with the world. From fashion, to building a more inclusive future through education, to sharing stories and life with the world through music. These leaders are our Drivers of Tomorrow. Watch the stories of those making an impact in their communities.

Video showcasing Andres Quintero and Carolina Llano, co-founders of Min & Mon

Min & Mon

Andrés Quintero and Carolina Llano

Andrés and Carolina are the co-founders of Min & Mon. A Colombian born brand that specializes in hand-crafted leather products, each reflecting a whimsical and soulful experience inspired by their rich cultural traditions.

Video showcasing Nadine Fonseca, founder of Mighty Kind

Mighty Kind


As the founder of Mighty Kind, an educational multimedia company, Nadine is building a brighter, kinder and more inclusive future, one reader at a time.

Video of Puerto Rican Composer, Johanny Navarro



For Puerto Rican Composer, Johanny Navarro, a melody can come to her as she dreams or walks down the street. Composing allows her to share her story with the world, through music.