Nissan's leadership position in electric vehicles means we're bringing the unique pleasures of cleaner, quiet power to more and more people worldwide. With 100% instant torque and zero tailpipe emissions, EV transportation doesn't have to compromise the excitement of driving. The proof? As the world's best-selling electric vehicle,[[2716]] Nissan LEAF is redefining the performance you crave behind the wheel.

New LEAF with e-Pedal
0:54 New car technology : New LEAF with e-Pedal


The e-Pedal of the Nissan LEAF gives you control - and excitement - like never before. It's an easier way to drive, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate with a single, seamless movement. Simply release the accelerator for automatic regenerative braking and depress again for acceleration. And if you are having too much fun or need a more immediate stop, you can always switch to the familiar brake pedal. [[1180]]