Looking to make a tight parallel park, fit into your crowded garage or make hooking up to your boat trailer a breeze? Nissan’s monitoring systems – from the single-camera RearView Monitor to the virtual birds eye view 360° composite view of the Intelligent Around View Monitor help make these tasks quick and easy. [[1459]] Another additional feature of the Intelligent Around View Monitor is Moving Object Detection that help provide audio and visual alerts if movement around your vehicle is detected. [[1117]]

Nissan Backup Camera

What is Intelligent Around View Monitor?

The four-camera system in the Intelligent Around View Monitor gives you a virtual composite 360° bird's-eye view of your vehicle and the surrounding area from above. The system will also detect moving objects in real-time. Select from split-screen close-ups of the front, rear and curbside views to help you smoothly maneuver into a parking space. [[17]][[143]] The Intelligent Around View Monitor can help you see every side of your Nissan in a whole new way.

How does Nissan's Intelligent Around View Monitor work? [[1117]] [[17]]

Using 4 wide-angle cameras mounted on the front, each side mirror and the rear, Intelligent Around View Monitor [[17]] [[1117]] creates a virtual overhead view of your surroundings. The Intelligent Around View Monitor detects moving objects in real-time by performing image processing of the image signals from its cameras.

When backing into a parking space, or while parallel parking, when you shift into reverse, the split-screen display gives you the rearview and the overhead perspective. Colored lines help guide you and help you to gauge the distance between your vehicle and another object. When you shift into drive, the display automatically switches to the front view.

Push the camera button on the center console and the display replaces the overhead with a side view. You can do the same thing backing up when you want the rear and side combo.

Here’s a quick look at the Intelligent Around View Monitor in action on the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder®.

Nissan Intelligent Around View Monitor Video
Nissan Moving Rear View Monitor

What is Moving Object Detection on I-AVM?[[17]]

As part of Intelligent Around View Monitor, if one of the four cameras detect a moving object around your vehicle, either when you're stopped or moving, the system warns you with a display message and warning chime.[[17]] The display unit will also indicate which direction the moving object is coming from, so you can instantly have more awareness about what's around your vehicle.

How does Nissan's RearView Monitor work?[[1459]]

When the transmission shifts to reverse, your display monitor will change to a live picture of the area directly behind your vehicle. The color lines display the approximate distance between an object and your rear bumper.

  • The RED line designates an object is approximately 1.5 feet away.
  • The YELLOW line designates an object is approximately 3 feet away.
  • The first GREEN line designates an object is approximately 7 feet away.
  • The second GREEN line designates an object is approximately 10 feet away.

Intelligent Around View Monitor is an available driver assistance feature that provides a more comfortable driving experience.

Nissan vehicles also offer Standard Safety Shield 360, which is Nissan's suite of six standard features that monitor ahead, behind, and around.

Safety Shield 360 includes: [[1381]]

  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Rear Automatic Braking [[1114]]
  • Blind Spot Warning [[19]]
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert [[93]]
  • Lane Departure Warning [[72]]
  • High Beam Assist