Nissan Rogue equipped with a brake override system

The Best Accident Is The One That Never Happens

Nissan brakes activating a brake override system

Nissan introduced Brake Override Technology (BOT) on select models in model year 2002 and made it standard on every Nissan vehicle for model year 2005.

When the vehicle is moving, if both the brake and accelerator pedals are being pressed at the same time, the brakes take precedence. They override accelerator input. Engine power is actually reduced by the system and the brakes are better able to do their job.

This intuitive technology is designed to work only when it is necessary. It does not engage during low-speed maneuvers like when you are on a steep incline or trying to gain traction on slippery surfaces.

Brake Override Technology Demo

brake override demo

A Second Way To Stop

Nissan Push Button ignition and Emergency Engine Shut Off

Nissan vehicles equipped with Push Button Ignition also have an Emergency Engine Shut-off System. With this technology, you can quickly shut down the engine by rapidly tapping the ignition button three times, or pressing it for more than two seconds.

Brake Override Technology Commercial

Brake override technology commercial