Nissan NV Cargo Van Mobile Office
Available features shown.

The Nissan NV Cargo’s interior is designed to adapt to the work you do. If you’re spending a good part of your workday behind the wheel, your van becomes your office, so you need that space to be comfortable and smart. The NV Cargo’s available features include a locking center console, which can accommodate hanging files and a laptop computer.[[834]]

One device to consider adding to your mobile office is a portable printer. Technology has advanced to the point where you can generate high-quality documents from devices roughly the size of a shoebox (or smaller!), all without using any cables thanks to their battery power and wireless connectivity. Some support printing directly from your smartphone, too; and many models are available for less than $200.[[2800]]

Your NV Cargo already offers thoughtful touches to make your daily drive more comfortable, such as its supportive bucket seats. The addition of a seat belt extender[[834]][[7]] can provide up to eight extra inches of length, allowing you some more room to move.

For extra security, you can outfit your NV Cargo with Nissan’s Vehicle Tracking and Recovery System (VTRS).[[7]][[2801]] VTRS allows for real-time GPS tracking of your vehicle, providing nationwide coverage, police notification and dedicated 24/7/365 call center support. If your vehicle is stolen, Nissan VTRS specialists will assist law enforcement with its recovery. You might also be eligible for discounts on your insurance. See for details.