The New 2018 LEAF-NIMSO RC

The Original 100% Electric Race Car, Born from Nissan LEAF Technology

In the motorsports world, Nissan's performance brand NISMO (short for Nissan Motorsports) competes at the highest level and is continually leading the way in electric vehicle technology. In 2011 they changed the face of racing with the release of the world's first zero-emissions, no tailpipe, track-ready race car––the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC.  In 2018, the second generation of the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC was born, and with it the promise of more electric high-performance vehicles hitting the market.

The Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC (Racing Competition) doesn’t have a traditional engine, uses no gas, and instead of roaring around the track, glides almost silently by. To make it as light as possible, the 3-piece body is manufactured from carbon-fiber. The silhouette is low and wide, and the massive tail is designed to create significant downforce, keeping the car stable and glued to the track. Like the production Nissan LEAF® on which it’s based, the Nissan LEAF-NISMO RC is powered by electricity stored in its revolutionary lithium-ion batteries. The long, up-sloping headlights are also pure Nissan LEAF, but that’s where the family resemblance ends.

The NISMO RC has no trunk, no rear doors or seats, carpets, navigation screen or any other conventional amenities. It sits wide and low to the ground, with its wind-cutting form measuring less than 48 inches from roof to road – just under 12 inches shorter than the production Nissan LEAF. The 100% electric drivetrain needs no oxygen, so it can maintain peak performance levels even at high altitudes where thin air ordinarily degrades the effectiveness of combustion engines. 



The spirit of the the Nissan LEAF NISMO-RC can be found in every 2023 Nissan LEAF. Learn more and build yours now.

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