2019 Nissan Frontier
The 2019 Frontier. Ready for work or play.

You work your Frontier hard, and it’s built to take it. But what about when you’re not working?

Fortunately, the 2019 Frontier plays just as hard, and its available features help you tackle different types of terrains and conditions — off-road and on. So, if you’ve got a taste for adventure, your Frontier is here to help you power through with an assortment of available advanced driving tech and other capabilities.

Hill Start Assist

Available Hill Start Assist[[417]] helps keep you from rolling backwards when you’re on an incline. The driver assist technology holds the brake pressure for a few seconds as you switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator, making it just the thing for steep mountain roads. It can be pretty useful for city driving, too, especially if you’re navigating the hills of San Francisco, where the grades can be higher than 30% on some streets and stop signs mark various points on the way up.

Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control covers the other end of the spectrum. When you’re heading down a steep grade in 4WD, at the push of a button, this available system automatically helps maintain your Frontier’s speed and brake pressure, so you don’t have to ride the brake the whole time down.

Maximum Ground Clearance

Headed to the red rock landscapes of Moab, Utah? Frontier is also designed for greater ground clearance and axle articulation. Not only does Frontier have a high stance and wide flared wheel arches, its rear suspension is designed with the leaf springs over – instead of under – the rear axle. All of this gives your Frontier ground clearance that can make even the toughest mountains seem like molehills.

Traction Control System (TCS)

Traction Control System (TCS) is available to give you an assist in snowy or icy conditions. TCS can sense wheel slip or spin and responds by reducing power application. This helps your Frontier keep a better grip on difficult winter roads.

Nissan Frontier Pro-4X
Available Hill Start Assist helps keep you from rolling backward when you’re on an incline