Black History Month

Accelerating Progress in Black Music & Tech

February 1st, 2024

Nissan and Black Effect Podcast Network celebrating black history month with B Daht


Black History Month

Nissan has continued its commitment to accelerate progress in STEAM for the next generation. Over the past two years, Nissan has partnered with iHeart's Black Effect Podcast Network to increase diverse representation in STEAM fields. Together, we've built the Thrill of Possibility Summit to give HBCU scholars access to the professional insights and mentorship needed to thrive in their careers.

This Black History Month, Nissan and the Black Effect Podcast Network are continuing to celebrate Black excellence with the 'I Didn't Know, Maybe You Didn't Either' podcast hosted by actor and comedian B-Daht. Through a "Mr. Rogers-esque perspective," B-Daht shares 'I Didn't Know, Maybe You Didn't Either's' long lost historical content with comical, introspective interpretations to engage and entertain all ages. 

Brian McLaughlin hosting Nissan's black history month podcast

Meet the Host

B-Daht is an American comedian and radio host. B-Daht has had the privilege of performing for audiences all around the country, coupled with a decade of experience as the funny man for the "Wild Out Morning Show" on 102 JAMZ in NC. B-Daht lead his own morning show on 102 JAMZ, "3 Live Crew" with his co-hosts" Roxie & Drankins. B-Daht later became the cast member on Wild'N Out on MTV. B-Daht is the co-founder/host of The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show, a 90 minute stand-up/improv show. 

The Podcast

I Didn't Know, Maybe You Didn't Either

Through a "Mr. Rogers-esque style" B-Daht presents #IDKMYDE (I Didn't Know, Maybe You Didn't Either) Podcast Series. An introspective interpretation of long lost history facts shared in an engaging, and informative way. Layered with originality and equipped with actual historical references and some hard truths, this journey of discovery is filled with comedy and entertainment for all ages to learn and be entertained. 

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Nissan Black History Month Events & Partnerships

Here are some of the initiatives where Nissan has partnered with members of the community to celebrate Black History Month.

The Impact of Black Music on American Culture

In 2023, Nissan continued to amplify Black excellence in music by partnering with our Electric Beats producers like Dope Candi, and King Fresh and some of the most brilliant minds in music such as Jay Ellis to empower the next generation of Black music creators. We extended our mission-driven initiatives beyond Black History Month to help make long-lasting change in music and technology for the Black community. 

Jay Ellis and Dope Candi smiling happily while seated inside a Nissan Ariya car