This Hispanic Heritage Month, Nissan celebrates and recognizes the history, culture and influence of Hispanic Americans. That's why we decided to bring together three talented chefs from the Latino community to our Nissan Flavor Garage, so they can show us that with creativity, collaboration, community and passion, you can create new flavors and open new culinary paths.

Digby Stridiron in Nissan car
Nissan Flavor Garage Hispanic Heritiage Month with Mercedes Rojas


Venezuelan chef based in Los Angeles. Her signature dish is arepas in all unique and eclectic variations. Mercedes has a restaurant in the local Farmers Market. She is known in the community for her unconditional support of the Latino farmers in the area, from whom she buys her products to prepare her delicious Venezuelan arepas.

Nissan Flavor Garage Hispanic Heritiage Month with Digby Stridiron


Afro-Caribbean chef, with Puerto Rican roots, specializes in what many call today “slow food”, which consists of fresh, locally harvested, ingredients and proteins gathered from the sea. Digby has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the Caribbean and is also a community leader working closely with World Central Kitchen and other aid organizations.

Nissan Flavor Garage Hispanic Heritiage Month with Jonathan Pérez


Chef with Guatemalan-Mexican roots, based in Los Angeles, specializes in combining recipes of Indigenous origin with traditional recipes to give a healthy and modern twist to his dishes. Jonathan collaborates with his community through food programs for lower income families in Downtown Los Angeles.

Creativity, collaboration, and community

The Nissan Flavor Garage

Celebrate the flavors of Hispanic Heritage Month and learn how to create delicious Latino dishes with rich and bold flavors in the Nissan Flavor Garage.

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