Powering up your Nissan LEAF is a breeze when using public fast charging stations. EVgo’s conveniently located fast chargers are ideal for charging since they’re located at places you may already be frequently at, such as grocery stores, gyms, or shopping malls[[153]]

By taking advantage of these public fast chargers, you can charge your Nissan LEAF while going about your daily activities [[1316]]. Let’s take a closer look at how fast charging works and where fast charging stations are located[[153]]. 

What is fast charging?

Fast charging differs from other methods of charging available to Nissan LEAF drivers. Electric vehicle charging can be broken down into three types: Level 1, Level 2, and fast charging (also commonly known as Level 3 or DC fast charging). Generally speaking, the higher the charger level, the quicker the charge.[[1316]]

The difference here comes down to the type of current used. Level 1 and Level 2 chargers supply electric vehicles with an alternating current (AC) charge that the vehicle then converts into a direct current (DC).

Fast chargers, on the other hand, deliver DC straight to the battery with no conversion required. This is what makes fast chargers efficient—they offer boosted voltage and remove the need to convert energy.

The fast chargers used by EVgo, in particular, can use 480 volts to replenish 80% of a vehicle’s charge in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the charger, battery, and environment. This allows on-the-go drivers to quickly charge their cars without taking valuable time out of their day.[[1316]]

How Nissan LEAF fast charging works

Select models of the Nissan LEAF come equipped with a fast charge port with CHAdeMO technology. The CHAdeMO connector was designed to power electric vehicles more efficiently and is the standard for fast charging in Japan. All EVgo fast charging stations include CHAdeMo connectors.

To fast charge your Nissan LEAF, all you need to do is locate a public fast charging station, power off the car, swipe your card or launch the mobile app to pay, and plug the CHAdeMO connector into your LEAF’s fast charge port. [[153]]Then, you can go about your grocery run or workout while your car powers up.

Depending on the Nissan LEAF model, fast charging can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes to reach 80% battery capacity. When you finish, all you need to do is return the cable to the charging terminal and hit the road with your fully charged LEAF [[1316]]

Learn more about the Nissan LEAF’s charging technology and battery options.

Where to find fast charging stations

Fast charging stations are easy to find, as EVgo is the nation’s largest fast charging network with over 800 locations available. In addition, drivers are also able to access EVgo partner charging networks with no roaming fees[[153]].

EVgo’s charging stations are located in popular public areas like shopping malls, office buildings, and grocery stores. They’re positioned to make it as easy as possible for you to leave your car charging while you go about your daily activities[[153]].

On top of that, the EVgo charging network is built with city infrastructures in mind, so charging points are distributed in a way so that you’re never too far from a public fast charging station[[153]].

Explore EVgo fast charging stations near you.

EV Fast Charging

Discover fast charging benefits

Fast charging allows you to build charging into your existing schedule, so your car is fueled and ready to go. And with EVgo’s vast network of public fast charging stations, you don’t have to rely solely on at-home chargers[[153]].

To make fast charging even easier, Nissan has partnered with EVgo to provide complimentary charging credits through Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo. Through this program, qualifying customers who purchase or lease an eligible new Nissan LEAF from a participating dealer located in select markets can receive a complimentary charging credit to use within the EVgo and EVgo roaming partners charging networks.

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