Backing up with Nissan's Smart Rearview Mirror camera technology

Smart Rearview Mirror Camera Technology Makes Backing Up A Breeze

Rearview mirrors: they’re simple and they work. But when you’re driving around a few friends, or when it's dark out and there's a bright set of headlights behind you, there are limitations to what you can see. To help address those scenarios, Nissan has turned something simple into something smart, with the award-winning Smart Rearview Mirror[[17]]. 

By using cameras installed at the rear of the vehicle, this new technology lets the driver switch between the regular mirror view and the digital view fed by the cameras. The camera view displayed on the LCD monitor mimics the appearance of a traditional rearview mirror, but without the potential obstructions. 

The Latest Nissan Back Up and 360° Camera Systems: RearView Monitor and Around View®️ Monitor with Moving Object Detection

When it first debuted in 2014 the Nissan Smart RearView Mirror was an innovative and unique location to display a rear camera’s view. Now, Nissan places its screen in-dash and the Smart RearView Mirror in no longer available. This dashboard placement allows for the RearView Monitor single camera system as well as the Around View® Monitor four camera system to be integrated seamlessly into various trims and models.

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Nissan rearview mirror backup camera

"Smart rearview mirror will give our customers the best possible view no matter how tall the passengers in the back seat, or the road conditions."

-Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer and executive Vice President of Nissan

Side-by-side view with Nissan's Smart Rearview Mirror LCD monitor
View with a traditional mirror (left) View with the LCD Monitor (right)

Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror[[17]] provides a wider view than standard rearview mirrors, and it’s especially effective in low-light conditions, like in parking garages and during night driving where it helps to reduce glare. In stormy weather, it can help provide a clearer image despite the snow or rain.

The World Traffic Safety Symposium hailed the Smart Rearview Mirror as one of "the most cutting-edge, life-saving safety features available in vehicles today" and honored Nissan with the 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award, at the New York International Auto Show. This award is given to individuals and organizations that are finding ways to improve traffic safety.

"Nissan's Smart Rearview Mirror wins 2014 Traffic Safety Achievement Award"

-World Traffic Safety Symposium

Nissan ZEOD RC Nismo race car equipped with Smart Rearview Mirrors

Nissan has used high performance cameras and image processing in the past, pioneering the Around View® Monitor and the Moving Object Detection system. By giving the driver a fuller picture of what's happening around the vehicle, both of these features help make parking a cinch. The Smart Rearview Mirror, Nissan’s latest innovation, is set to hit Japan dealers in 2014, and expand to other markets globally in 2015. It will first be put into action at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, to help increase visibility for ZEOD RC and other NISMO® race car drivers.