NISMO: Nissan's high performance Motorsport division that produces Nissan race cars

Putting performance models on the track and road has been an important part of Nissan’s history since its inception. That tradition continues today with the NISMO division, its continued involvement in motorsports around the globe and in its NISMO trimmed models and licensed NISMO parts.


NISMO® is the commonly used abbreviation for the Nissan Motorsport International Limited. Really, it is what most people call Nissan’s Motorsports division.

The full answer stretches back 34 years to 1984 when Nissan first launched the NISMO division. Initially created to show off Nissan’s engineering prowess on the track, the Nissan Motorsport International Limited (NISMO) division continues to be synonymous with Nissan in the world of motorsports,


but has also evolved over the decades to include Nissan’s line of high-performance models and parts

NISMO vehicles have always been notable for their racing capabilities but also for their ground-breaking designs and technology. This innovative streak has continued into this decade with NISMO experimental division creations like the NISMO RC Electric Race Car and the GT-R LM NISMO Race Car.


Nissan's racing history began long before the creation of NISMO in the 1980s. From the '60s through to today Nissan has competed in elite races with elite cars.

The 1967 Nissan R380-II race car


One of the first Nissans to take to the track the R380 –II set 7 international speed records in 1967.

Year: 1967
Engine: GR8 (6-cyl. in line, DOHC) 1.9L
Max. Power: 217 HP
Transmission: ZF 5-speed

The 1969 Nissan R382 race car


This sport prototype/competition car took first and second place in the 1969 Japan GP.

Year: 1969
Engine: GRX-3 (V12, DOHC) 5.9L
Max. Power: 591 HP
Max. Engine Torque: 448 lb. ft.

The 1985 Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo race car


In 1988 G. Brabham captured the Driver’s Championship of the GTP Series of the US IMSA GT Series in the ZX-Turbo.

Year: 1985
Engine: VG30ET (V6, DOHC), 2.9L
Max. Power: 641 HP
Transmission: Weismann (5-speed)

The 1990 Nissan R90P race car

NISSAN R90P 1990

Nissan chalked up three consecutive wins in the All Japan Championship in the R90P.

Year: 1990
Engine: VRH35Z (V8, DOHC), 3.5L
Max. Power: 788 HP
Transmission: VGC (5-speed)

The 1998 Nissan R390 GT1 race car

NISSAN R390 GT1 1998

Created for the sole purpose of winning Le Mans, in the 1998 edition every R390 GT entered finished in the top 10.

Year: 1998
Engine: VRH35L (V8, DOHC), 3.5L
Max. Power: 641 HP
Transmission: 6 speed (sequential)

This racing history continues with both the Nissan GT-R and the Nissan 370Z® making appearances on tracks around the world in both professional and amateur races.

In this time lapse video see all the work that it takes to get a GT-R GT3 Race Car — in this case one that will be used in Europe’s Blancpain racing series — ready for the green flag.

Time Lapse: Building the Nissan GT-R GT3 Race Car

From bare frame to race ready, watch a Nissan GT-R GT3 race car be built for the track in just under three minutes.

For a glimpse at what it is like to get behind the wheel of a Nissan race car you can take a lap around the track in a Nissan GT-R in this unique 360-degree video.