Guaranteed Auto Protection Insurance (GAP) is offered by Nissan and other financial institutions as a way of protecting you from financial disaster in case your vehicle is stolen or totaled and your insurance policy doesn't cover the cost of a stolen or totaled vehicle. If you did not opt in for gap insurance, the responsibility for paying the difference between the actual cash value (ACV) and your loan balance would be yours.

With Nissan Security+Plus Gap Protection, you can enjoy your vehicle without worrying about paying the difference between the actual cash value and your loan balance if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. To learn more about Nissan’s supported gap insurance, click here or call your local Nissan dealer. [[3374]]

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When you might need gap insurance

Gap insurance is meant for the unexpected, much like all insurance. If your car is totaled or your vehicle is stolen, gap insurance coverage may apply if you owe more than the car is worth at that time.

Gap insurance may make sense if:

  • Your down payment was 20% or less

  • Your financing term is 60 months or longer

  • You're entering or in the early stages of a vehicle lease [[3376]]

  • You have rolled over negative equity from a previous car loan into a new loan

What does gap insurance cover?

If you suffer a total loss of vehicle, regardless of the situation, gap insurance will cover the difference of the amount you still owe on your lease or loan. This amount is usually up to a threshold determined by your policy.

Gap insurance does not cover repairs on your vehicle, a down payment on a new vehicle, rental car fees while your vehicle is in the shop, and any interest, fees, or penalties accrued from your specific situation. Keep in mind, to qualify for gap insurance, you often will need specific coverage in your existing or new insurance policy.

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How does gap insurance work?

In the event your vehicle gets stolen or totaled and you owe more than the vehicle's value at that time, gap insurance will help cover the depreciation amount between what is owed and the vehicle's actual cash value.

Here's an example of how gap insurance works if you totaled your car nearly 1 year later.

Original Vehicle MSRP $34,000
Down Payment   $2,000  
Lease/Loan Pay-off $33,500  
Actual Cash Value (Insurance will cover) $29,200  
Deductible $500  
Gap Amount   $4,800  
Your Out of Pocket Expense $0  

This example is for illustrative purposes only. Actual gap waiver calculations will vary based on specific circumstances.

If you didn't opt in for gap insurance, you would be responsible for paying the difference out of pocket for a vehicle you no longer have.

Where to purchase gap insurance

There are typically three main ways to buy gap insurance:

  • At the time of purchase or finance from the dealership

  • As part of your regular insurance payment from your auto insurer

  • From an insurer that offers Gap Insurance

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Do I have gap insurance?

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For lease customers:

Gap Insurance isn’t always necessary to be procured on leases. Some finance companies, including NMAC, include this coverage in the base contract terms.

To find out more about the Gap Waiver, please contact our Insurance Department at  1-800-777-7525. 

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For finance customers:

To see if you have gap Insurance, please review your contract or contact your original dealership. 

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