When you're shopping for a work vehicle, you want it to suit the needs of your job. This might mean customizing using accessories, working with a dealer to find cargo solutions, or exploring aftermarket vendors. But, when the task at hand calls for something more heavy duty, you and your employees might want to look into upfitting.

Picking the right vehicles for your large or small business can be crucial for success. At Nissan, we promise you the Nissan Business Advantage, in which we make sure to offer you upstanding assistance with your business vehicle from before the purchase, during the upfitting process, through to long after the sale. This includes individual vehicles, small fleets ranging from 2-10 vehicles, or large fleets on 11 vehicles or more.[[3297]]

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What is an upfit?

An upfit is a set of vehicle accessories or augmentations for an existing vehicle that are customized to the worker's needs. Upfits can include shelving, roof units, cooling units, hangars, and more. Upfitted vehicles are designed with efficiency and ease in mind, and can allow workers to bring that extra edge on the road and to the job site.

benefits of upfitting

Benefits of Upfitting for Business and Fleet

  • Custom-made to your job

  • Can be made standard across a fleet for all employees to ensure a standard of service

  • Creates an efficient work environment on the road

  • Better fitted vehicles make for more productive drivers and can attract more qualified employees

What to consider before upfitting

Before upfitting, there are a couple of things to think about. Because upfits are custom, there can be so many options to filter through. It is important to know what you need for your job before looking for an upfit solution. Vehicle style, number of vehicles, your budget, and amount of time you need your upfit to last can all impact the upfit that you choose.

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Upfits and your job

Some jobs or vocations lend themselves to upfits more than others. If you work in real estate, then an upfit might not suit your needs in the same way that it would these vocations:

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Contractor

  • HVAC Specialist

  • Internet & Cable Installation

Upfits and body styles

The body style of your vehicle can impact which upfits are available for it, if any at all. For instance, upfitting a sedan to the needs of a plumber is not feasible, but doing so with a truck is. At Nissan, vehicle upfitting is only available for trucks.

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