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As a business owner, your time is valuable. You may not be able to add hours to the day; but with some preparation today, you can save time – and potentially money – in the future. You can start with your vehicle. By taking advantage of these work van storage ideas, you and your employees may be able to work more efficiently.

You might need to set aside some time to plan out how you’ll implement these cargo van storage ideas. If you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, you can develop work van organization ideas that you can deploy across all your trucks, which may further increase efficiency.

The Nissan NV200® Compact Cargo and Nissan NV® Cargo already give you ample cargo room, with maximums of 122.7 cubic feet [[23]] and 323 cubic feet [[23]] , respectively. Put that space to better use with these van tool storage ideas. Start by outfitting your vehicle with interior shelving support brackets [[7]] [[2941]] and interior wall panels.  [[2941]]

Work Van Storage And Organization Ideas
2020 NV Cargo High Roof vehicle shown [[2941]]

Van Shelving Ideas

These handy pieces can help with van racking by giving you a blank slate to install a custom shelving system. The wall panels can also help keep your cargo area free from sheet metal dents and scratches.

Get easy access to whatever tools or equipment you need with an in-vehicle drawer storage system [[1305]][[2941]] for your NV Cargo or NV® Passenger. These setups have the added benefit of weatherproof construction to help keep your gear safe and dry. To further simplify organization, use drawer dividers and labels to keep parts and tools together by size and type.

Van Storage Ideas

Van Storage Ideas

With long days on the road, you need a workspace that is as comfortable as it is smart. The NV Cargo and NV Passenger are available with a locking center console [[23]] with room for a laptop and hanging files and innovative under-seat storage [[23]] that can accommodate loose items. Use the center console to create a filing system so you can keep receipts, invoices and other important papers organized. NV200 includes six standard wall-mounted cargo tie-down points and is available with six more mounted to the floor. [[23]] Up front, the NV Cargo, NV Passenger and NV200 feature a front-passenger seat that folds flat to create a work desk. [[23]] The NV200’s available composite cargo mat provides an anti-skid, stain-resistant surface. It also acts as a heat and noise insulator, which can make the interior more comfortable and quieter on the road.

Van Racking Ideas

While every business is different, equipping your van with a racking system can help keep your gear tidy and maximize available space. Some van racking ideas for carpenters include the use of drawer units to hold screws and storage boxes to stow power tools.[[2941]] Some van racking ideas for plumbers can include the installation of pipe carriers to help prevent them from rolling around. You might also consider specialized storage compartments for unusually shaped tools.[[2941]] Among van racking ideas for electricians are modular shelving units with tray dividers and floor boxes for things that might need extra security.[[2941]]

To help realize your van shelving ideas, Nissan Aftermarket vendors can offer custom solutions [[2421]][[2941]] that can help with van racking, including custom, adjustable shelving systems, ladder racks, partitions and more. To help you build out your vehicle for the unique needs of your business, we offer qualifying customers an Upfit Allowance [[1502]] of up to $1,000 through the nationwide network of NTEA member companies. Visit Nissan Commercial Vehicles to learn more about these incentives and to explore the multitude of options available to you.




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