It shapes the wind to its will


Where others view the air as an enemy, we look at it as an ally. Using advanced technology and the genius of our engineers let us increase downforce and enhance powertrain cooling, all with minimal drag. A true win-win.
  • 0.26 coefficient of drag
  • Downforce created by body and underbody panels
  • Cooling created by directing air to key components

Aerodynamic alchemy


Relentless tuning of the GT-R’s aerodynamics creates an incredibly clean drag coefficient of just 0.26 Cd. While you see a substantial, powerful supercar, to the wind, it punches through the air like a low-slung, mid-engine design. Pure aerodynamic alchemy.
Coefficient of drag (Cd) Careful attention to the shape of the front fascia, C-pillar, and extensions at the lower portion of the rear bumper allows the GT-R to cut through the air efficiently.
Downforce Downforce adds grip and enhances the feeling of control. By reinforcing the hood and fine-tuning the design of the front spoiler and side sill extensions, air is prevented from being drawn under the vehicle, helping the GT-R consistently apply downforce.
Cooling Cool air is key for performance, especially for the engine, and for providing a dense intake charge to feed hungry turbochargers.

Sharpening the blade

There’s no rest for those passionate about ultimate performance. Helping to improve ride and handling, the 2024 GT-R features a redesigned front bumper, front lip, and canards. At the rear, a revised fascia and rear spoiler help add downforce without increasing drag.

Genius from any angle