A personal vision of perfection


While some supercars are designed by a committee, the GT-R reflects the personal vision and passion of only the most talented, experienced, and dedicated Nissan craftsmen. At the wheel, AS Class drivers — the top development drivers at Nissan — help create a vehicle that will excel at the racetrack as well as on the open road.[1]
  • Handcrafted mastery
  • Manufacturing
  • Pre-delivery testing

You’ll know who built your engine


To see the pure passion and the true Japanese DNA of the Nissan GT-R, simply lift the hood. Each engine is assembled by a single master craftsman known as a Takumi. Only five Takumi in the world are allowed to hand-assemble the GT-R’s engine. As testament to the dedication each Takumi brings to the job, each GT-R engine carries a plaque bearing their signature.

    We drive it before you do


    Every GT-R gets broken in at the Tochigi test track before it is sent off to its new owner. A thorough nine-lap run makes sure the GT-R is delivered fully capable of offering maximum performance and helps break in the brakes, transmission, and suspension components.[1]
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